Unpopular Opinion: Vikings Valhalla Season 2 was meh!

Season 1 of Vikings Valhalla was exciting, likely because Vikings was finished and it was a way to fill that void.  I remember feeling like I needed to see season 2 right now.  Well, just finished season 2 and my enthusiasm has waned.  I still enjoyed season 2 but significantly less than season 1.  Season 2 seemed incomplete.  It was a road trip essentially, but the overall goal and plot seemed underdeveloped.  There were several parts that felt anticlimactic as was the season as a whole.  New characters lacked substance and/or charisma and old characters didn’t seem to bring any new zest.  That being said, I’m still interested in the next leg of the journey that will come in season 3 with hopes that they add more meat to the story.

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