YOU: Since season 1, harsh reality.

I really enjoyed season 1 of Netflix’s You. It was a unique and exciting show at the time. When season 2 began it felt redundant after a few episodes. Some of the zest was gone so I abandoned it after 2 or 3 episodes. This year I decided to revisit some shows I’ve abandoned and You was on that list. I binged watched season 2 and 3 before catching up to season 4 part 1. I’m afraid the reason I abandoned You in season 2 still held true. Each season subsequent to season 1 felt like the same plot in a different setting. The new elements sprinkled in didn’t always feel like enough to carry the show season to season. There were some cool characters added but the overall assessment was a step away from the new fresh feel from season 1 was gone. Season 4 really lost it in my opinion and was a task in completing something I started because I didn’t want to leave it unfinished.

Hopefully there isn’t a season 5. How did you enjoy You? Do you want to see another season?

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  1. Totally agree! It reminds me the Midrash lessons with grandpa… the same story in different place with some additional people. No season five will be way too much.

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