2022 Top 10 Shows

Welcome 2023! I am excited for the new year of television. Before we get involved in the new year of television, here are my favorites from last year.

10. Stranger Things Season 4.  Stranger Things is favorite for so many but has taken a while to grow on me.  In fact, I had to rewatch season 2, catch up on 3 and then watch season 4 this year.  I think I finally got the hype about the show, somewhat, as it is still at the number 10 spot mostly due to the 80s nostalgia I have when watching.  Like many of the shows that made it to the top 10, I binged season 4 of Stranger Things straight through so I liked it!

9. Kindred. FX’s new show based on Octavia Butler’s novel of the same name was released this year.  It is set in both the past and present which is always time traveling fun.  It could’ve been better but has potential.  I was intrigued from beginning to end despite questioning the acting and other details.  When it was over, I checked right away to see if it was renewed for season 2, clear sign!

8. Manifest Season 4.   Similarly to Stranger Things, I stopped watching Manifest after the initial season.  I had to catch up to watch part 1 of season 4.  While the story gets repetitive at times it was still a fun watch and held my attention trying to get to the meaning of what happened to the characters on the mysterious flight that went missing for 5 years.  Part 2 of season 4 has not been announced but I will be back to see how it ends.

7. The Peripheral. From the makers of Westworld, The Peripheral started this year on Amazon Prime.  It is a time travel scifi dystopian drama series.  Being a new show there is a lot of intrigue keeping up and figuring out just what is going on from episode to episode.  The season left me questioning whether or not I understood what I saw, which is a great formula for a return to season 2.

6. The Sandman. Netflix gave us The Sandman this year, from author Neil Gaiman who also is responsible for American Gods. The Sandman was visually stunning in a dark gritty way.  There were lots to unpack in the Sandman making it interesting as well as pleasing to those who like fantasy television.  Some episodes were better than others, but several were great enough that the slower episodes didn’t leave a bad taste.

5. Serpent Queen.  Some of the other period pieces fell flat for me this year but Starz’ Serpent Queen was not one of them.  It covers the life of Catherine De Medici in a humorous dramatic way that I’d not seen her story told prior.  The acting is impeccable.  It is probably my number one underrated/underdiscussed shows of the year.

4. Yellowjackets.  Showtime aired this one beginning in 2021 but it ended in early 2022 which is when I caught wind of it.  The story covers a girls soccer team that were stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash.  It has been done before but was done well in Yellowjackets.  Great acting with well-handled time jumps, mystery and thriller. Can’t wait for season 2 and they’re so excited about the show they renewed season 3 ahead of finishing season 2.

3. Vikings Valhalla. Another great one from Netflix.  I had lost interest in the original Vikings towards the final seasons and for that reason was a little skeptical of watching Vikings Valhalla.  I was pleasantly surprised but how interesting the spinoff series was.  It is an action-packed story that may or may not be historically accurate but at the least inspires some further research if you so choose.  Regardless of facts, it is my sort of historical mythical drama.  Season 2 is coming January 12th.

2. Wednesday.  Netflix has it again.  For just being so fun, Wednesday makes it to the number 2 spot.  It was refreshingly funny, light and just a good time. Some of the character portrayals were not my favorite but then there were some, including Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday that was pure genius.  I hope they can keep it up in future seasons.

1. House of the Dragon.  If you follow this blog and TIR socials you already knew the number 1 spot would be the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon.  As a Thrones superfan it was exciting to return to Westeros this year.  My one gripe with the show had to be the pacing; however, I’m not willing to die on that hill.  Time jumps aside, HOTD was the best thing on television this year (since Game of Thrones).  I’m not willing to say it is as good as Game of Thrones but it is 2nd without a question.

Honorable mentions, not in any order:

  1. The White Lotus S2
  2. Reasonable Doubt
  3. This Is Us S6
  4. 1899
  5. PValley S2
  6. Dead to Me S3
  7. Interview with the vampire
  8. Riches
  9. Paper Girls
  10. Winning Time
  11. A Very British Scandal
  12. The Man who fell to earth
  13. Outer Range
  14. Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities
  15. Night Sky

What were your favorite shows for the year?

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