You – Netflix – Episode 1 – SPOILERS – Reaction Breakdown Review

​Joe is a whole creep!

You is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes.  In a few words, it’s a drama focused on a sociopath, Joe.  Joe works in a bookstore and sets his sights on a patron of said bookstore, Beck. 

Joe has no idea just how creepy he appears in the 1st episode of You.  I mean to his defense he works in a bookstore so perhaps all the research he did on Beck after their initial encounter is second nature for a researcher.  Never mind, he’s a creep but does well to use his research (creepiness) to say the right things.  Beck is a mess.  Her boyfriend Benji says “I shouldn’t have gone in the bathroom with anyone but you but she said she had good coke”.  What!?!  The fact that this is something Benji feels he can say to her lets me know that she will be putty in Joe’s creep fingers.
Beck is a writer who appears to be in dating hades and seems insecure in her writing abilities.
Back to Joe’s creep level, not that we left, he spends the whole episode in his head interacting with those around him in this mental monologue.  His monologue comes off like the mother of a teenage girl reminding her of her worth.  He does so well in this imaginary world that he seems to lose track of what is happening around him.  However, he’s that skilled that he stops masturbating to thoughts of Beck in enough time to helping an old lady with luggage, yeaaahhhh, he’s something special.  Joe evaluates Beck’s life without having shared but a few words with her during their initial meeting.  His research and evaluations is put to good use when he is able to go full on superhero mode in a not so chance encounter with Beck in their 2nd official meeting.
But wait! There’s more!  Joe’s neighbor has a son Paco who appears to be about 10-11 years old.  Paco seems to always be in the hallway escaping his mother and her Neanderthal boyfriend.  Joe is there to keep Paco company.  Good luck with that Paco.
Episode 1 is intriguing enough to keep on going to episode 2.  I can’t wait to see what other schemes Joe has up his sleeves and how gullible Beck falls right into the web he’s spinning.  To Beck’s defense, the show has done a great job of letting the viewer into Joe’s sick mind without the characters having the same insight.  So maybe Beck isn’t that dumb!  How is she supposed to know he has her phone and has locked Benji in the bookstore basement!
See you guys after episode 2!

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