A Million Little Things S1E17

Let’s see what you got for the finale!

The Gifts – Each gift was so thoughtfully suited for each person, even Maggie who didn’t officially meet Jon.

The Pregnancy – Is it me or is Delilah’s pregnancy going super fast.

The Kiss – I was hoping for the kiss last episode and it was horribly sad watching them sign the divorce papers. Glad to see them thinking things through. Something tells me as I type this during the episode that he wont make it home for 6. Katherine’s badass moment to Hunter! Bravo. Well I made it to the end and it is great that Eddie is being honest. I hope Katherine is still open to working it out. I like them together better.

Remission – Yaayyy Maggie. Yaayyy Gary and Maggie. Maggie is good for Gary but I worry that she will end up being more of his counselor than his partner.

Rome and Regina – I have to say they are so great together. I love how Rome relinquishes control to her to negotiate the car purchase. I hope they do start a family. Raise a person with him Regina. And as I got to the end of the episode…damnit Regina!

Jon and 9-11 – Wow! The guilt that Jon felt losing Dave and a flight that he was supposed to be on and saved by a bottle of wine and Sophie just doing her job.  How awesome is it that Jon named his daughter after the woman who saved his life? A moment lead to Jon meeting Delilah a year later, a sad chain of events. How convenient for Dave and Barbara’s son to be the one Rome is helping? I don’t think I like that story line going that way.

Gary’s Question – I still think there’s more. Jon could have told them about it and gotten some help. Maggie is correct, individuals deal with life in their own way.

Glad to be caught up!  Great first season ABC.  I’m looking forward to next season, see you then.

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