ABC Last Night – Spoilers 1/24/19 Episodes


I don’t have an opinion on Link or DeLuca.  With Link being the new guy I see the #merluca being a thing!  On the other hand, Link was just Thor sooooo!
What did pull on my heart strings was Owen choosing Amelia.  I’m here for the weird little future Owen, Amelia, Teddy and Koracick!  Yep I said it I like that feet & fries’ thing that happened at the end.

A Million Little Things
Wheeewwwwww, John was not hooking up with his assistant!  Ashley has had me worried the past couple episodes but I’m glad to see that John was just in financial trouble.  Still what is Ashley’s deal???  I’m on the edge of my couch waiting for the end of this season to find out what was behind all of this.  I’m sure there are some super sleuths out there who already figured it out but I’m still waiting!

Honestly, I’ve been off HTGAWM this season.  Maybe I will binge it once it’s over.  I know, I’m missing everything…it just never had the addiction factor for me!

Post your comments…I’d love to hear your opinions on ABC Thursdays…Let’s talk!

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