This Is Us S3 E13

Time to get back to This Is Us, 2 episodes behind.

Phylicia Rashad! I don’t know how excited I was to see Mrs. Rashad. I will forever have warm and fuzzies when I see her in something. Still putting everyone in their places! I love it.
Hey it’s Kovach! ER was awesome! His face was priceless when he was kicked out of his own office.
Okay now NBC, I do not appreciate the color of that Curry at all! Not one bit!
For awhile Beth has been annoying me. I can see with this parent dynamic why she can be a bit frustrating at times. So far this episode is pretty slow and i’m not the biggest Beth fan but the scene between Beth and Zoe with the hidden drugs behind Big Momma’s picture was pretty funny.

If I remember correctly there was a previous episode in the future and there was a dance studio so I’m guessing that this break in employment will bring Beth back to her love for dance. As a daughter and a parent, that was a horrible conversation between Beth and her mother. I’d agree with making sure your child knows the options but making such a life altering decision for Beth and such a pivotal time in her life was like shutting a door in her face. However, I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, and that decision led her to meet Randall.

This episode started slow for me but it really did it’s normal “This Is Us” thing at the end. Moral of the story is balance! Awesome Move Beth!

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