A Million Little Things S1E16

It’s been a while and i’m 2 episodes behind.  Time to get caught up, here goes:

The Jogger – Fake Emma is so creepy coming to the house. What is her deal? I’m hoping we get that big reveal soon. I still think she’s an ex-wife at this point.  Nice job figuring it out Sophie.

The Parking Space – Gary is so frustrated and I get it. It’s a big day and emotions are heightened. That parking space was the kitchen sink. Just to make matters worse, it had to be Maggie’s mom. Sorry Gary.

The Poster – It is great to see Rome paying it forward. I’m looking forward to seeing him help others and by doing so help himself.

The Aquarium – I must say that was an awesome parenting moment the way Katherine handled Theo’s bad mood.  Kids are entitled to having a bad mood just as we adults do.  Katherine handled it amazingly by validating Theo’s feelings and still letting him know it’s not okay to be mean.

The Surgery – Good job turning it around Gary and making up with Maggie’s mom.  Happy to see Maggie make it through the surgery.  How great are she and Gary together?

The Divorce – Man, I was hoping they wouldn’t sign the papers.  I just don’t like Eddie and Delilah together at this point.  Side note: how terrifying are Theo’s night terrors, can you imagine?

The Music – How will I know (I’m not 100% sure that is actually the title of the song but you know what I mean) was an amazing choice for the final few minutes of the show.  It hits the emotion right on the head!  I look forward to the next episode!

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