AMLT 1/31/19 Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

A Million Little Things

I just love how Gary and Rome come through for John’s kids.  Gary is just pretty awesome.  A little too attached to everything. Everyone on this show is awesome and messed up at the same time!  Good job to Maggie for teaching Sophie how to drive and Sophie returning the favor by encouraging Maggie to talk to her mom.

The lady mustache!  Not cool Theo, Not Cool! *side eye*

I’m glad it looked like Katherine was moving on because it was just way too sad last week when Delilah asked her to stay for dinner and Eddie was in the kitchen with them.  Spoke to soon!

Girl you really have to introduce yourself better than that and way to get the vote wrong!  What is her purpose.  However, Delilah with the save.  I have to say though it is both awesome and sad that Delilah sold the buildings.  Saved her income but also let go of the building John tried so hard to save.

Rome and Regina are pretty cool.  Great job letting Rome know he needs to be back on his meds.

Ok so is Barbara Morgan his ex-wife?

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