Grey’s Anatomy 1/31/19 – Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

Cry Count

  1. Pinkey promise
  2. Superman pose
  3. Lexie’s pic
  4. Ain’t no mountain high enough – Grey’s has perfected the Dance Break! #danceitout
  5. Cut the music (also see on edge moments)
  6. “I don’t like it” – Jackson
  7. Koracik not being able to look into Catherine’s face
  8. Meredith telling Thatcher about her kids with her hands on his face!!!Bruhhh

On Edge

  1. Jackson’s pacing
  2. Koracik changing techniques in the middle of the surgery (side note You gotta love Koracik)
  3. Cut the music
  4. Clear the gallery
  5. Moving Catherine to her side
  6. “her other arm” …That’s right Amelia shut it down!


  1. Thatcher – “at least something good came from all of that”
  2. Richard with the save!
  3. Always the soundtrack!

Now for A Million Little Things!

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