Regina! AMLT – Spoilers 2/7/19 episode

Is Gary in love with Delilah?  Why is he going out of his way to fix Eddie’s love life but being super weird about Delilah asking gas pump business man to help fix the restaurant problems?  Delilah is a grown woman Gary, back off! She can fix or mess up her own life!  He says it’s about Maggie but I don’t know.

Regina’s mom is a piece of crap.  Knowing what her brother did to her daughter and choosing to act like there was nothing wrong.  Appearing oblivious to Regina’s attitude towards her and her brother is clearly rooted in her own issues.  Perhaps the same thing happened to her like Maggie said.  Either way it’s no excuse, how dare she force him into Regina’s life.  Glad they’re on the road to healing.

Rome is so awesome with her.  His involving Maggie is thoughtful and genius.  Let’s just say, someone was cutting onions in my house when Rome said he was getting back on his antidepressants. 

Regina’s attempted confrontation with her uncle was so brave but I expect that her healing process will be that much harder not being able to let him know that she knew what he did was wrong.  I suspect knowing that he was dying was his reasoning for giving her the money for the restaurant.

Through all the emotions of this episode, this group pulls it together for the opening.  Gotta love Eddie doing the dishes!  Seriously, great episode!  But before I go, Barbara Morgon is definitely an exwife.

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