555 – 81 Days…Sigh – Really DandD

555 – 81 Days…Sigh – Really DandD


sIt has been 555 days since GOT Season 7 ended and 81 days until Season 8 begins.  It just doesn’t seem right for any of the season 8 episodes to only be 60 minutes.  What does that even mean!?!  No Fair!
There are absolutely too many plot points to wrap up, too many unanswered questions, and too many people alive for any of the SIX episodes to only be 60 minutes.  I’m feeling a little robbed…
Top 10 Expectations from Season 8

  1. Jon needs to find out and react to his parentage
  2. Daenerys needs to find our and react to Jon’s claim to the throne
  3. Cersei has to die
  4. Tormond & Brienne…cmon
  5. Jon riding Rheagal
  6. Rheagal & Drogon killing Viserion
  7. Arya wearing Baelish’s face to kill anyone – preferably Cersei
  8. I need to know why the Night King is so pissed…back story
  9. Ghost & Nymeria unite to kill a white walker or 2…and some wights
  10. What happens next…I need a future vision of what Westeros looks like in 5-10 years after season 8 ends


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