TIR RECOMMENDS – The Peripheral

Just finished watching episode 1-3 of The Peripheral on Amazon PrimeVideo and I’m loving this so far! Each episode feels like I’m watching a movie rather than a tv show. The Peripheral is based on a novel by William Gibson and the show was created by the makers of Westworld Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

It is Sci-fi, Dystopia, Drama, Action Thriller starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Jack Reynor and Gary Carr. Of course they are other wonderful cast members but these 3 are my favorite so far. Chloë Grace Moretz plays Flynne Fisher, a tech savvy woman who works in a 3D print shop in 2032. Her brother Burton Fisher, played by Jack Reynor was in a special unit of the Marine Corps called the Haptics along with several friends. Gary Carr plays Wilt (Wolfgang) Netherton who lives 70 years in the future from Flynne and Burton’s time of 2032.

Cliff notes version: Burton gets a VR headset to beta test what he believes is a SIMS type of game for money but only gets the offer because Flynne uses his profile and boosts his stats. As a result he let’s her test the game instead. Turns out it’s not what they think it is and they get wrapped up in a bunch of stuff you’ll need to watch to see!

Recommended! Watch Trailer Here!

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