Westworld Season 4

Westworld season 4 finale aired last night on HBOMAX.  In true Westworld fashion,  it left me torn and confused.  Not so much confused in what happened in the episode or season as a whole but confused about the point of the season.  If you recall, when I got the midpoint of the season, I was hopeful for the season and where it was going.  The last 2 episodes including the finale seemed to have taken a step away from the mid-season energy.

My thoughts:

1. What was the point of Clementine? I just seems like the episode could’ve used the time they spent on Clementine for something more useful.

2. Same thing with Caleb and Frankie.  Even though Caleb has been a character for 2 seasons he still seems pointless.   I got all of his storylines but felt the lack of payoff in the end that makes me question his purpose throughout.

3. I liked the slight redemption attempt for Hale but I think it could have been developed a little more.

4. I do like Christina/Dolores placing herself into the world and setting a timer to wake up with clues and helpers along the way but something seems to be underdeveloped about this storyline that it will take more than one watch to unravel.

5. On the deaths: Glad to see William/MIB go, wish someone would put Maeve’s pearl in the sublime if it’s not destroyed,  is there a copy of Bernard or is that it?, Poor Stubbs.

I’ll be back for season 5, I appreciate going back to Westworld, after all the show isn’t called Cityworld. I hope that means season 5 is as exciting as season 1 but not the same. I understand the loops, but a 5th season of it won’t be a great series finale.

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