Westworld Season 4 Midpoint

This season has so far ranked higher than season 2 & 3 for me. There has been so many twist and turns and I was honestly quite lost the first 2 or 3 episodes; however, episode 4 and 5 has settled and I like where the season seems to be headed.

Since binge TV became a thing it’s been difficult to watch episodic TV, the wait almost seems too long. While the wait feels long, it leaves room for the story to marinate in my brain and develop legs alot better than when I binge watch. That’s something I’ve been enjoying this season that I probably missed season 2 and 3 which I binged. I’m more invested in season 4 as a result and look forward to it unfolding.

Special shout out to The Daily DVR podcast. Their episode reviews have definitely contributed to the experience I’m having this season. Not only do they review each episode but they review each episode multiple times at different stages of processing. The team gives an initial review, which includes thoughts minutes after the show, that they then follow up with more indepth reviews going deeper into the nooks and crannies of the show, so deep that at times I’ve questioned whether I even understood the show at all after listening. Click here to check them out on Facebook.

Comment and tell me how you’re enjoying this season. Tune in for a post season review of Westworld once the season is complete.

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