House of the Dragon Premiere

Game of Thrones ended three years ago but tonight HBO returns to Westeros in the prequel series House of the Dragon.

Whether it be for excitement or curiosity, I expect the masses to tune in regardless of their feelings towards the ending of Game of Thrones.

Photo from IGN

Going into Game of Thrones, I had not read the books and still have not finished them. I enjoyed the show solely based on the show, including the final season (unpopular opinion). However, I’ve listened to the Fire & Blood audiobook and watched many videos detailing the era in which the House of the Dragon takes place. Eventually I stopped researching because it felt spoiler-y and I didn’t want to ruin any awe I’d experience. In the same energy, I’d like to blog about the House of the Dragon experience post show this season rather than predictions and extensive breakdowns.

Join me for the season and let’s share the experience of House of the Dragon 🐉.

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