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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here.  I have already posted my 2nd look at the Stark’sLannister’s, Greyjoy’s, and The Direwolves and Dragons links here if you missed them.  Here’s another look at the Ladies who are still living, not already included in a previous review.

Initially Living: Gilly, Missandei, Ser Brienne and Lyanna Mormont

Initially Dying: Melisandre

Initially Wighted: Meera

2nd Thought: I still think that Gilly and Ser Brienne are safe.  Gilly will be important for the family values moving forward as a mother figure.  We saw her directing movements in the Winterfell courtyard and helping children into the crypts.  Hopefully the crypts aren’t completely wrecked and they are truly safe during the battle for Winterfell.  Ser Brienne has made history becoming the first female knight.  I don’t think that means she has had her purpose fulfilled.  She can frame the new world with values of honor, not to mention making Jaime look good in the white book if he doesn’t make it.  I think perhaps Missandei moves into the wight or just plain death category.  Either she or Greyworm will die and I think Missandei would be the bigger shocker.  Lyanna has been a badass but I think maybe she has ran her course and while I think she is so cool, On 2nd thought I think she dies.  I’m not sure that Meera even comes back on the show.  I don’t think she serves a purpose other than maybe an intro to Howland Reed.  If she does return, she dies.  Melisandre is going to be very important for the end game.  I don’t know what she went to Volantis for but it better be something good.  I’m expecting her to come back with a real magic solution.  Once the Great War is handled, it’s likely that she dies or dies in the process, so she stays on the dead list. 

I’ll be back with a second look at some of the other Westerosi citizens.

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