On 2nd Thought, Episode 3 Death Predictions – The Direwolves and Dragons

On 2nd Thought, Episode 3 Death Predictions – The Direwolves and Dragons

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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here.  I have already posted my 2nd look at the Stark’sLannister’s and Greyjoy’s, links here if you missed them.  Here’s another look at the Direwolves and Dragons.

Nymeria – I had her turning into a wight.  While I think a wight direwolf would be simultaneously cool and sad, I think the show will just kill off Nymeria and not go for the wight option.  I’m okay with moving Nymeria from the sight category to the death category.  The show just hasn’t focused on the direwolves enough to keep them alive in the end.

Ghost – After that sad showing in episode 2, I’m drastically underwhelmed with the direwolves.  I would still like to see the wolf pack in the battle for Winterfell but I think I will leave Ghost in the death category.

Rhaegal – I can see either Rhaegal or Drogon dying by seasons end; however, I think Rhaegal will survive now that he belongs to Jon after the Disney ride.  I’m leaving Rhaegal in the category of the living.

Drogon – I think I will move Drogon from living to dead.  Perhaps he will die fighting Viserion and this will let Dany know that Jon is the true heir as Rhaegal will only now allow Jon to mount him.  I don’t think this will happen in episode 3.  If a Dragon dies they will probably keep it for episode 5.

As a fan of the magic, I like the idea many hold about there being a clutch of dragon eggs in the end.

I’ll be back with a second look at some of the other Westerosi citizens.

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