On 2nd Thought! 2 Days Post Trailer. What’s Different? – Reaction Breakdown Review

Well like everyone else, I’ve watched the trailer a million times and I’ve watched all the reactions, reviews and breakdowns (maybe not all but enough).  How differently do I feel than my initial reaction- click here for original review?


  • The Run
    • Age: I still think Arya looks a lot younger in the very first scene.  I don’t know that there is a significance.  I’ve heard some talk about this scene being a dream, possible but I don’t subscribe to that theory, not based on the trailer.
    • Location: I still think Arya is in King’s Landing.
    • Who’s Chasing (Subscribe & Check out TeflonTV’s Awesome Coverage on this):  I still think wights; however, I’ve evolved into thinking the wights are hyper-super powered wights created by Qyburn from Little Birds.  Yea I know, my middle name is tinfoil and I live in The Imagination Realm #TIRealm!
    • Voice-over: I now speculate that she could be talking to a group of people including Gendry, who is making her a badass dragon-glass double ended spear that we see her with later in the trailer.  I still think she is referring to the NK as a God, check out @thisgrayarea on Twitter (YouTube Video Here!)  she has an amazing video on Symeon Star-Eyes (linked above).
    • Why: I now think that Arya is in Kings Landing on an assassination attempt to finish her list: The Mountain & Cersei.  There also a scene with the hound in the trailer and I think they are in the same location.  Best Friends Forever are on a mission.  #Cleganebowl with a faceless twist.
  • Syrio Forel Moves
    • I still can’t wait for this scene.  This is where she is using her new bad-ass dragon-glass spear.  Shout-out to TheDawgShow for also referencing it looked like Oberyn moves.  (YouTube channel linked here!
  • I Missed It:  I missed a clip of Arya’s hands grabbing a bow?   She’s going to have all the bad-ass weapons.  I’m thinking this is also on the Assassination attempt in KL.  The fire next to her looks like the same structure in the Throne room.  An alternative could be Theon since he also have archery skills but my money is on Arya with a season 1 episode 1 call-back to her hitting the bullseye.  


  • Location: In my initial review, I completely missed Gilly and Baby Sam (#foreverbaby).  I initially thought the scene was a cross between Cersei in the Blackwater Battle or Ned in the dungeons of KL.  I can now see it’s clearly the crypts, so it gives me more of a Blackwater hiding Cersei vibe.
    • Why: Who knows maybe the reason Varys is the crypts with the women and the children is because treachery was realized and he is being held prisoner.  Ok, maybe he’s just there because he can’t fight.  I would think he could help in other ways, I mean Bran can’t fight and he’s not in the Crypts.   
    • Purpose: Varys still looks terrified, perhaps he hears that voice.  Perhaps what the voice said is coming to fruition!  Perhaps the voice said, “The Night King will come for you in the Winterfell Crypts” – but in a more poetic way lol.

Golden Company:

  • I didn’t say much about the GC in the first review other than they were going to switch sides.  I still believe that they will betray Cersei and fight for the living.  New Info:  I realize that the initial shot of the ships are not the GC ships, the shot at .17 has 3 ships, that’s Theon!   Since I’m still finishing the books, Harry Strickland doesn’t do much for me.  I am excited to watch them come in with their elephants and do some damage.  Hopefully they’re not meat for the NK’s army.  Finally, before the trailer I was hoping Daario was coming back with the GC.  No signs of him but there is hope.
  • Maybe the Bran voice-over we hear is about the GC.  I still think he’s talking to Jon but I like that he could be talking to the GC or Jaime.  Jon or Dany seem like the obvious choices.  Since he says ‘Home’ it makes it tough to be Jaime.

Bran & Sam All-Knowing Duo:

I still think there is a 3rd person in the room with them in this scene.  It could be they’re discussing the paternity results!  I’m now thinking they are coming up with a #magicfight plan.  Bran and Sam will come up with some kick-ass magic way that will be the real solution to all of this.  The physical fight is going to hold them off but the real solution will involve magic and time-travel.  There will be some serious Warg and Weirwood.net super-comb.  Warg on Bran! Warg on!

Beric, Tormund & Edd:  I couldn’t see Edd in the first video so I now know that mysterious 3rd person is Edd.  I still don’t know where they are.  I’ve heard Winterfell but it could be another castle.


  • Scene 1: I’m feeling the same about this scene.  Cersei is smug.  I still think the GC is approaching but she doesn’t know they will leave her so she’s excited for now.  I didn’t pick up on Qyburn’s concerned look initially, perhaps because I’d had enough of this scene.  I think Cersei wants him to do something that even Creepy Qyburn is concerned about.  Maybe Qyburn doesn’t think the super-wights are ready but she wants him to activate them lol… I’m sticking with it guys!  He could also be trying to convince her to go North.
  • Scene 2: the 2nd Cersei scene in the throne room I could not see who was in the scene but I’ve heard several people mention that she is meeting with Harry Strickland (GC) and Euron.
  • Scene 3: Cersei still looks distraught to me.  Some plan did not go like she wanted it.   I now think perhaps she has already had a miscarriage.  All her plans are falling apart.  The GC have left, perhaps The Mountain is now dead #Cleganebowl with a twist.  I’ve heard perhaps she’s heard Jaime died but I don’t get that vibe.  I think it’s the opposite of Smug Cersei face.  She’s smug when she’s proud of her evil plans.  Surely that means that her plans have fallen apart.

Your King & Queen in the North:

  • The procession – These aren’t new observations or feelings.  I was just too damned excited to express myself properly the first time lol.  It’s definitely the shot in Winter Town is a call back to S1E1.  The whole scene is a call back to S1E1.  Especially how Bran and Arya were introduced.  The little boy is a call back to Bran being on the roof watching the procession of Robert and Court.  Arya is her own amazing throwback.  She is outside of Winterfell just like she was when Robert came and she loves it even more this time because Dragons!
  • Sansa – nothing new to see here, I feel the same.
  • Dany & Jon:
    • Still look amazingly amazing and united on horseback.
    • I’ve learned, through social media enhanced picture posts, that Jon is crying in this shot.  What kind of cry is this? (see TIRealm twitter pole here!)
      • I married my aunt cry?
      • I fathered a bastard cry?
      • I can’t believe I’m the rightful heir cry?
      • I don’t want the throne cry?
      • I never even knew my mom cry?
      • I’ve never been a bastard and everyone treated me like crap cry?
  • Jon in the Godswood – sticking with the initial review here!
  • Jon charging – I don’t know that I still think this is King’s Landing.  I think I’m changing my mind to Winterfell.  Ehh…it could be KL.  We’ll see.
  • Dany with the Sad Face – I didn’t really say in my initial review and I haven’t made up my mind on the reason she is sad. (see TIRealm twitter pole here!) Dany is sad because:
    • Miscarriage
    • I married/love my nephew
    • I’m not the rightful heir
    • We’re losing the war
    • Jon doesn’t love me anymore
    • The North Remembers & they hate me

BOW – War Prep!

  • Gendry  
    • #Arendry! There were absolutely no references to #Arendry on the trailer but as I mentioned earlier, I’m sticking with it!  It’s a thing…in my head.
    • Blacksmith Boss – Gendry is a complete boss in this scene.  He’s strutting around his workshop making sure things are going well, looking AHH-mazing.
    • Hopes – I hope he is legitimized!
    • New: I didn’t notice before but the masses have pointed out all the dragon glass all over the shop.  It must be expected based on the S7 mining. 
    • Glad to see Gendry looking badass even though he didn’t get an EW cover.
    • Jorah
      • Jorah also ready.  I’ve seen cool reviews on this on Secrets of the Citadel (click & subscribe on YouTube). 
      • I completely missed the Dothraki in the background here – Thanks to Living My Rhapsody for pointed that out (click & subscribe on YouTube).
      • Someone also pointed out Jorah may have Long Claw.  Could be… maybe Sam failed at fighting and gave it up to Jorah.  I did read an article where the show runners were discussing Sam’s fighting scenes so there is an attempt by Sam The Slayer.
      • Where’s the Little Bear!  It would’ve been cool to see them fighting side by side but that would’ve been too much…good job HBO!
    • Missandei & Greyworm
      • Man, that kiss makes me sadder every time I see it.  It looks too much like a goodbye forever kiss.
      • Check out @thisgrayarea on Twitter (YouTube channel linked here!) for the catch on the Dragon Glass Armor on the Unsullied and all the contraptions in the background.  I’m so onboard with Gray’s theories that Tyrion came up with them.
    • Breanne & Pod – I think the only thing I missed here was the scene of Breanne going ape-shit on the battlements right before the Jaime yell and the Knights of the Vale behind her and Pod in this scene.
      • What happened in that brothel?


  • I’m still completely for Jaime’s Comeback Tour!  No change, he still looks very much like a Gladiator…I’m still getting 300 vibes.
    • Jamie’s speech – I didn’t mention who I thought Jamie was talking to but I definitely think he could be talking to a Court at Winterfell.  He’s explaining that Cersei isn’t coming and he kept his promise and he’s sorry for pushing Bran.  Bran will have his back.  He’s going to be all “it’s cool, I’m the 3 eyed-raven now”!  Jaime is pardoned and goes on to be bad add during the BOW.  Perhaps they tell him that he can fight but then he must face consequences.  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau only has 4 episodes so he dies in the BOW, is executed after or exiled.  I vote exiled… and Breanne goes with him.


  • Well I no longer think the dragons have eaten the Dothraki lol.
    • Jon is riding Rhaegal
    • I’m up in the air (get it) about what this ride means.  Is it a training exercise or are they actually going somewhere?  I don’t think we have time to see training.  We have to assume it occurred.  I don’t want wasted screen time on Jon Training his Dragon.
    • I like that we can see the dragon’s colors better this season based on the trailer.


  • One shot in the trailer butt he will have an impact.  I’m hoping it’s a good impact and he doesn’t go all Lannister on us in S8.  I’ve loved Tyrion from the beginning, I’d hate for him to go rogue this season.  I do love the suggestion that he helped orchestrate the battlefield.  It would be a nice call back to the Battle of the Blackwater.  Tyrion didn’t do too well in both wars we’ve seen him in but he gave it a go both times.  I expect him to be involved this time but from a smarter position.
    • Honeycomb? The world may never know.


  • Wolf Pack – I didn’t mention Direwolves in the initial review.  There was an interesting find in the trailer that we have Direwolves at around 1.22.  Some think it’s only horses and the hooves don’t look right, but I think it’s the Wolf Pack.  The legs are different for horses and there are mostly horses in the shot but I think Nymeria, Ghost and the pack are mixed in for the attack!
    • Bronn – I’m sure he’s involved but we just don’t see him.  No fair!   
    • Through the Roof!
    • 38 days & Counting!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think.  Comments please!  Don’t forget to follow/subscribe to theimaginationrealm.com, the Realm is waiting! #TIRealm

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