GOT Season 8 Trailer Reaction/Review

GOT Season 8 Trailer Reaction/Review

Just in case you didn’t catch my initial response to the trailer, here’s your chance.


Hello from TIR! I must start by saying that I have been at work all day and intentionally stayed off of all outlets once the HBO Season 8 trailer for The Game of Thrones dropped (of course I had to post that it dropped). I wanted my reaction to be authentic and Unsullied.   I popped into an Azor Ahype (subscribe on YouTube) live this morning and unfortunately, I had to pop right back out.  I didn’t want to hear the break downs and theories before I got all my thoughts out.   Thanks to the Old Gods and the New for my YouTube watch later list because I’m pretty sure it was about to get good.  It will be an eventful evening watching YouTube for sure. Well here goes! Astonishing! Amazing! Astounding! Epic! Heroic! Thrilling! Exciting! Exhilarating!  In the words of Danny Zuco…IT’S ELECTRIFYING!

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