Grey’s – Spoilers 2/7/19 episode

Very confused why it’s Christmas on Grey’s.  However, it was an emotional episode.  What am I saying Grey’s is always emotional.  Now I’ve been indifferent to the DeLuca-Link battle that’s been going on.  I mean just pick a guy Meredith.  However, “Kiss someone that turns back time” when the patient told Meredith that, I thought ok, she’s going to pick DeLuca.  I immediately thought Link’s not deep enough.  I guess he’s a young Derrick…#merluca

Miranda has been annoying me somewhat the past couple of episodes.  She still annoyed me on this episode; however, “You’re building me a tree house?” I almost died!  That was awesome and started all the feels!  Go home Ben!

Aww Catherine! For someone as independent as Catherine, I could see her pain having to rehabilitate.  Poor Richard was struggling to help but kept right on.  Good things come to those who wait, now get her to the room Richard.

Karev is the sweetest thing ever!  The wedding under the stars… DAMNIT KAREV!  Grey’s has done it again with the heart wrenching scenes paired with ‘Grey’s’ music.  Man, I could barely hold it together on that one.  Bravo!

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