The Man in the High Castle – Season 2 – Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

The Man in the High Castle continues to be intriguing.

Let’s see, season 2 …

The adventures of Frank, Ed and antique man. Swindling the Yakuza. Frank feeling like a real fighter but learning of the resistance hiding things from him. Ed making deals with Inspector Kido.

John’s fall and rise to power, screwing Joe once again (Joe did get to reunite with his dad and reap those benefits for a while). Keeping fancy German Man locked up all this time. Thomas’ illness and an almost kidnapping in Argentina. Then finally being a good nazi and turning himself in after his father killed Dr. Adler to keep him alive.

Juliana’s haircut and life as a nazi woman/resistance spy. Meeting The Man in the High Castle, who is a little nutty. Meeting Trudy’s real dad. Speaking of Trudy, mother’s intuition was right and she’s still alive.

The best part as usual was the Trade Minister. I just love him! He got to live another life with daughter in law Juliana. He could’ve been so happy with his grandbaby. Now that he’s back and has a new crate of film, I’m interested to see how season 3 turns out! Trudy us a traveler and Trade Minister is a traveler. I love this!

I’m sure I missed so much of what season 2 had to offer in this review, just more incentive for you to go watch!

Bravo Amazon Prime. The Man in the High Castle is a must watch!

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