The Man in the High Castle – Season 1 Episode 2-5 – Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

I couldn’t help myself but to post what I’ve seen thus far!


Let’s just acknowledge the opening credits!  The map, it’s a lot going on with that map.  What the hell happened to Utah?!  And I don’t really appreciate this show reminding me that The Sound of Music is really about Nazi’s.

Ok now the episode.

Reaction:  Joe better follow instructions with his traitor self, his boss doesn’t look like he plays like that!  There is a lot of confusion, does the film show the world as is really supposed to be or is it just a movie?  I still have cover-up/Mandela vibes from that film.  I’m sticking to that prediction for now.  What’s the deal with Origami-Bible Man.  Is Joe’s boss on the same side as Frank’s captor?

Wow Moments

  1. Origami-Bible man trying to kill Juliana.
  2. Bus lady stole the real film?
  3. Frank’s family dying
  4. Hearing the Japanese version of songs

On to Episode 3


Hey it’s the Green Goblin as the Marshall.  This episode just left me with a bunch of questions, here goes:

  1. How do you even say Joe’s boss’ name?
  2. What’s the deal with the albino boy with the overalls?
  3. Is Frank mad at Juliana for getting him into this mess or is he worried about her safety and thinks the phones are tapped?
  4. How many sides are there?
    1. Japan
    1. Germany
    1. USA – Resistance
    1. Japanese-German Alliance
  5. What’s with that list?
  6. What’s diner man’s issue?  What his game?
  7. Whose side is Marshall on?
  8. Who the hell elected him Marshall in the 1st place?

I’ve got to get a handle on these names!


Frank is losing his shit! Talk some sense into him Ed.  I’m sure he has PTSD but you can barely buy bullets how do you think this is going to go?

I knew that Lem (I’ve learned diner man’s name) had something to do with this or he was just fishy.  Side note: Why the hell does Lem have all them kids in his house?  Anyway, why would Juliana get involved with this whole mess anyway.  I mean I get that her sister was murdered but this is clearly a messed-up version of the world so if you’re not bout that life, please sit down.  She had no business following through with Trudy’s mission if she wasn’t going to actually follow through with the mission.  Now you’re mixed up with Joe and his “what side are you really on” self.

So I learned another name, Joe’s boss is Obergruppenführer John Smith.  Now I have to google it to find out it even means.  Ok I’m back, so it’s a senior group leader, a rank in the military.

Ok so back to the show, I knew it was too early in the show to meet The Man in the High Castle but I was still hopeful.  So bus lady didn’t steal the film?  And Joe handing over his film… What side is he really on?  Again this episode is leaving me with some questions.

Funny moment: Juliana’s mom watching sumo

Wow Moment: Frank’s failed assassination attempt on the Prince that went through anyway. Damnit Ed you were supposed to keep Frank out of trouble instead you got locked in a closet and then expected Juliana to return instantaneously.


Here we go with the questions again… the necklace! Did Frank drop it on purpose?  Why would Minister guy pick it up? Did he think it was evidence or did he just like it? Why did he look at Juliana like that when she bumped into him and the necklace fall, does he know it was hers? Why did Frank even take a necklace with him to an assassination? I guess it will all come out since it’s known that Frank makes jewelry.

Sorry I skipped ahead.

Frank is very disappointing in his assassination attempt.  You really need to expect to go down if you’re planning an assassination. He didn’t even have an escape route and no plan on ditching the gun.  Oh well, he did well on a whim despite being seen by little boy and little boy’s dad.

Minster’s friend – what was on that paper he ate? Was trying to pass it the signal to the real assassin? Why did the Minister orchestrate the assassination?  It seems like he likes the Prince but sacrificed him to force a world war 3.  Speaking of sacrificed, did that soldier get executed because he failed to protect the Prince? Also what is the deal with his creepy friend? What was that device he dropped into dude’s pocket, a tracking device maybe?

Frank is still pissed at Juliana and I can’t say I blame him she is really stepping into a role she has no background on and somewhat she doesn’t even believe in the cause.  Perhaps she will grow to believe in it as she goes undercover in her new job that seems a little sketchy.  She has no idea what her “special” duties will be.  Hey at least we got to see the girl from How to Get Away with Murder that was sleeping with her brother.  I suspect she will have a role in Juliana’s new job.

Meanwhile does anyone even know that Joe’s been kidnapped.  I guess he should’ve been following Obergruppenführer’s orders.

I’ll be back with the rest of Season 1 soon!

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