The Man in the High Castle – Season 1 Episode 1 – Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

I’ve heard so much buzz about Amazon’s show The Man in the High Castle that I thought I’d tune in. The show is currently on it’s 3rd season and I have some catching up to do. Well I just finished Season1Episode1 and I’m pretty sure i’m going to be caught up by this weekend.

22 mins into the show and I was having all sorts of Mandela Effect vibes in my mind. My mind is completely BLOWN! I didn’t see any of it coming. I guess I really didn’t pay attention to the opening credits because I completely missed the fact that there was no USA.

I’m sure there are many more twists and turns to come and any theories or predictions I come up with on episode 1 will probably get shot to hell but here goes anyway (at a minimum it will be fun to see how right or wrong I was when I get caught up).

  1. In the beginning-middle of the episode I was sure Frank was involved with Trudy’s death but that kind of got blown to bits by the end of the episode when he got arrested or maybe he’s playing the long game!
  2. The grasshopper lies slide reels depicting that USA actually won the war…Can we say Mandela Effect! So i’m thinking this is not just a movie like Frank said and it is real and somehow history has been rewritten! That may be a stretch but i’m sticking with it!

I’ll stop at 3 before I embarrass myself!

Wow moments:

  1. the crazy bus lady stealing Juliana’s bag…was there something more to that?
  2. Japanese Pacific States… really!
  3. Riker’s Island is still a prison
  4. NY to SF in 2 hours…wtf!
  5. The hospital burns cripples on Tuesdays

I think I will finish season 1 then do a complete review rather than episode by episode…but who knows I may be back in the middle of season 1 to express myself!

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