The Man in the High Castle – Season 1 Episode 6-9 – Reaction Breakdown Review


Juliana now has a job in PR with the Trade Minister.  So far I like him.  Meanwhile the inspector is looking for cowboy weapons.  Frank better get back to the neutral zone or something because inspector Kido is on his tail.

Learned a new name – Rudolph aka assassin man.  Looks like he grew up with or knew John Smith in a former life.  Everyone appears to be connected or at least it seems like they’re all on the same team but then they’re not on the same team.  John apparently lived in Cincinnati at some point.  He was clearly American and got a high position with the Nazi’s somehow. I wonder how many people he had to destroy like how John and Joe just took down Rudolph.  Rudolph didn’t even appear surprised, he knew what was up.  Joe is trying his best to get on John’s good side.

The antique shop lady that Frank interrupted back when he was buying bullets seems to have some type of role that I haven’t figured out just yet.  He is close to being on Inspector Kido’s list and irritating the hell out of Frank in the meantime.

While we’re at it, Juliana is also pissing Frank off.  I mean they have a rather strange relationship anyway.  Something isn’t being said.  Why did he save her from the streets in the first place, what was Juliana into?  But Frank shouldn’t be acting like he didn’t almost assassinate the Prince.

Ending thought – Who is the Jewish guy with the house in the alley?  Is he related to Frank and did I miss something?


Well Juliana apologizing yet again to Frank.  At least he is finally getting some things off his chest this episode.

Joe is about to die or at least shit himself.  Either John is going to kill him or Frank is going to kill him for messing with Juliana.  Maybe, Joe is pretty slick.  At this point he is pretty much a triple agent.  He has a secret life in Brooklyn with a girlfriend and a kid.  Although he may be the girlfriend’s kid since she mentioned the kids tease him because he didn’t have a dad.

Antique man what exactly is your purpose here?  Why do you think that dinner invite is legit? I’m thinking it has to be a set up but I didn’t think it was a set up for a research into American culture.  Antique man felt super used.

Did I mention that I like Trade Minister so far?  Awww what happened to his wife?  Why does he like Juliana?  What’s the deal with that book?

This show is just a madhouse.  No one is who you think they are or they’re hiding something major.  Arnold has a 16-year-old secret job.  So no one figured this out in 16 years?  Even gave up Trudy.  Seriously!  And Trudy probably is alive, I’m going with mother’s intuition on this one.


Not too much from this episode.  However, here are my thoughts: I’m digging Lem’s code encryption system.  Whore house business man is so unbothered by Inspector Kido’s ethics. Looks like Antique man is planning some get back.  Juliana really? Who was in that black car? Nice the Prince is getting well.


The biggest wow moment was John Smith’s son having an illness.  The top is going to blow wide open on this one.  Whatever are they going to do?  Let’s see if these values and belief systems work for you now Obergruppenführer.  Helen thinks it’s a blessing to euthanize the ill now but wait until she realizes that her son is ill.  Or does she already know?


Almost to the end and I still have so many questions that I’m not so sure will be answered before the end of the season.  I get leaving things unanswered at the end of a season but I still feel like I don’t really know what’s going on.

Well let’s review episode 9.  Juliana is still annoying me.  Frank was just coming around and you’ve put him in danger again.  I remember it like it was yesterday (it was yesterday) that I thought Frank was somehow involved in the big conspiracy.  Well it really still is early in the show to decide.  I’m from Game of Thrones universe where you don’t know until you know and even then you have no idea.

Ed is just hanging in there trying to help Frank and Juliana.  Grandpa is hilarious.  I get where he’s coming from.  He don’t want no problems.  Ed is still creepy though. 

John has all the problems.  His child is falling down stairs.  His assistant is a douche and I wasn’t too sad to see him go but John is still a savage.  Fancy German Man has got John pretty terrified.  Rudolph is making a comeback but Fancy German Man also has Rudolph in a predicament. Well I guess it’s better than dying.  Also we learned that it was microfilm that Rudolph slipped into hotel man’s pocket a few episodes ago.  Fancy German Man(FGM) is trying to set up hunting trip that sounds a lot like a “I’m going to kill you” trip.  Meanwhile FGM looks like he’s a warlock from the house of the undying.  Sorry I couldn’t help the Game of Thrones reference.

So that was whore house business man to the rescue.  But of course, nothing is free.  The sides of this game still has me messed up.  Trade Minister has a magic box and it seems like he is on the Japan’s side.  His boss seems to be on the side of the Alliance.  Frank and Juliana on the side of the resistance.  Joe is on everyone’s side.  Whore house business man is in the yakuza trying to make deals with Inspector Kido who is threatening Trade Minister.

The WOW moment:  How is everyone on this film?  Is this another timeline?  I don’t want to get all scifi here but I don’t know what else to think.

  1. Mandela Effect
  2. Time Travel
  3. Alternate Universe

What’s Happening???


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