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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here.  I have already posted my 2nd look at the Stark’sLannister’s, Greyjoy’s, the Ladies , Gentlemen and The Direwolves and Dragons links here if you missed them.  Here’s my final look at the Targaryens.

I’m sticking with my initial thoughts for Dany and Jon.  I think the show has tried to make Danny out as a new villain lately but I think in the end we will love her again.  She will chose Jon over her throne.  I can she her dying in the end.  I think it would an epic twist to have the Night King kill and change her but it would have to happen in episode 5, perhaps this is the moment greater than Hardhome.  If that does not happen I still think she may still die, I just hope it’s not in a child birth situation.  It’s been done already and I think it would be a cheap repeat.  However she goes, it will be a devastating loss.

Jon lives and even though he doesn’t want it, he will rule.  He will break the wheel by providing a Just leadership.  My fairy tale ending would be a dual rule between them so I wouldn’t be mad if Dany survived.  I’d love for them to maintain rule over the entire kingdom but grant real power to different house leaders such as Tyrion, Gendry, Theon, Arya etc across both Westeros and the lands held in Essos.

Thank you for indulging  me in this 7 part blog today.  Enjoy tomorrow!

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