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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here. The beginning of the season had little impact on the pool of dragons as Ned Umber was the only causality and he wasn’t even listed in the pool. With episode 3 on the very gray bleak horizon, I’m having some serious 2nd and 3rd thoughts. I can’t make changes to pool of dragons but I can take a second look at them today.

Tyrion – I had Tyrion in my death list because I expected his fate to be tied to Jaime. Jaime seems to have made it through his fake trial nicely with the help of Brienne, so perhaps Jaime won’t need to escape execution and Tyrion is therefore safe. Since I completely made up the Tyrion would die in the place of Jaime theory, there were some actual real points in episodes 1 and 2 that seem to suggest that Tyrion is moving away from the atrocities enacted upon him in season 7. Tyrion’s conversation with Bran implied great importance later in the series. Others have said “I don’t know what that means” in response to Bran announcing that he was the three eyed raven, even Sam, who I would have expected to learn all about three eyed Ravenness of it all. Perhaps he did off screen who knows. The show runners have made an effort to emphasize Tyrion and Bran’s conversation even though they didn’t show the audience what was said. Hopefully that means Tyrion is not as dumb as we’ve begun to view him after season 7. Furthermore, season 8 has pointed out his failed intelligence with Sansa saying that he used to be the most clever person she knew. Thankfully, Jorah redirected Dany and supported the genius that is Tyrion and sending him away from the fray. Even if Tyrion doesn’t make it the entire season, there is hope that he makes it through the majority of the season and coming up with a Tyrion the clever plan to assist in saving the realm.

Jaime – Next to Theon, Jaime is my favorite redemption arc of the story. We all hated him in season 1, rightfully so, but with the help of Brienne and Cersei those views have changed for many. Brienne has shown that Jaime is a complex character with onion layers, shout out to Shrek, and not simply neither an ogre who pushes little boys from windows nor is he pretty boy Charming with no depth. There maybe more to the mad king’s story and perhaps Jaime had anterior motives to kill him other than saving the realm, such as selfishly following his father’s commands. While those thoughts loom, the given information points at a less crazy twin. The more egregious Cersei’s actions become, the clearer it becomes that Cersei had a hold on Jaime and thus made him act on his inner ogre, the things we do for love. I can only hope that Jaime is truly over the Cersieness of it all and will not return to those talons by seasons end. I initially slated him to survive with Tyrion sacrificing himself for Jaime to live; however, as I see a turn for Tyrion my views on Jamie’s fate being linked now seems a bit more grim. Well at least there is something great for the white book as Jaime has given Westeros it’s first female knight, Ser Brienne, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei – Cersei dies! Yea, I can’t bring myself to re-evaluate Cersei. Lena Headey has done a miraculous job in creating a character that I just hate. From Lady’s death to the Sept of Baelor, Cersei has not failed me yet in being truly horrible. I am looking forward to a death that is worthy of Game of Thrones’ biggest villain. There I said it, Cersei is the biggest villain. I’ve heard the arguments about how misunderstood she is and I don’t buy it. As she’s told Unella, she does the terrible things she does because they feel good, she arranged Robert’s death because it felt good to be rid of him, she blew up the sept because it felt good to be rid of her enemies, she is evil. My only wish is that her death is an equally terrible manner.

I’ll be back with a second look at some of the other Westerosi citizens.

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