GOT Season 8 Episode 2 – Reaction Breakdown Review (spoilers)

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I’m going to start out by saying I LOVED THIS EPISODE!

It was the right amount of emotion preceding the big battle next week.

  • Opening with Jaime standing before the North ripped the band-aid right off. I expected Jaime to apologize for the army not coming.  Dany’s outrage still appeared misplaced anger towards Cersei, Tyrion and herself.  Sansa’s addition made sense as she was in King’s Landing when Jaime attacked Ned.  I expected Bran to back Jaime up but that was a shocker him throwing out “the things I do for love”.  Brienne did defend Jaime as expected.  I loved Brienne saving Jaime in this scene after all they went through.   Jon, the Warden of the North, is rightfully concerned with bodies for the fight.  Dany did seem a little sad that he didn’t back her up and that he walked off avoiding conversation.
  • Dany and Tyrion – poor Tyrion. He really expected Cersei to come through for them.  I don’t think that makes him stupid.  He has always been a Lannister at heart and wanted that one redeeming quality of Cersei’s to count just one time.  I’m sure that at this point he’s learned his lesson where Cersei is concerned.
  • Arya and Gendry – I’ve been on this ship for a long time now and it was exciting to see Arya still flirting here. I needed to make sure I didn’t completely see what I wanted to see last episode.  The banter about her weapon wasn’t cheesy and I loved it.  Gendry initially looked like he wasn’t taking her seriously until she flung those daggers across his workshop.  He knew she meant business and this Arya was a fighter.  Opened his eyes completely and moved her up to the top of his list after trying to tell her she should be in the crypts.  Arya was trying to get all the information she could on the war to come.  Impressed Gendry!
  • Bran & Jaime – we got Bran and Jaime in the Gods Wood and I was hopeful for a flashback but no such luck; however, as expected Bran was forgiving towards Jaime. We did get one of the most shocking parts of the episode for me.  What did Bran mean when he said ‘how do you know there is an afterwards?  Geez Bran can you be a little less cryptic here!  Does he know there won’t be an afterwards or was he just speaking in general?   This statement was the most worrisome of the whole episode.
  • Tyrion and Jaime – the north is hard at work in preparation for the battle. Jaime and Tyrion get some time to talk and the northerners are not happy at the sight of them in Winterfell.  Tyrion tells Jaime that Dany is his queen too and Jaime doesn’t dispute it.  I take that to mean he is done with Cersei or at least hopefully that he doesn’t plan to return to her.  Jamie asks about Dany and if she is truly different and Tyrion vouches for her.  Jaime confirmed that he believes the baby is real and Cersei is not making that part up.  Tyrion says that Cersei didn’t fool Jaime like she fooled him, Jaime always knew what she was and loved her anyway.   Tyrion recalls his wishes for dying at 80 with a girl’s mouth around his cock and Jaime finishes the memory.  Tyrion continues talking about his wishes to kill Cersei and Jaime is distracted by Brienne watching Pod training fighters.
  • Brienne and Jaime – Jaime goes down and joins Brienne and she is a bit weary of his pleasantries and calls him out immediately. Jaime quickly admits that he is not the fighter he once was and would love to serve under her if she would have him. This was a beautiful moment between them as Brienne brings out Jaime’s honorable side.  Brienne is flustered by the ask and rushes off.  There is some tension between the two of them.  I’m not sure where the buildup is going but maybe there will be a Jaime and Brienne ship at the end of all of this.  If there is an afterwards, according to Bran.
  • Dany and Jorah – we see Dany in one of the rooms in Winterfell in the shot we got in the promos and Dany is worried about Tyrion’s abilities as hand, Jon’s distance, Cersei not showing and Jaime in Winterfell. Jorah joins her and is surprisingly defending Tyrion.  I loved this moment because Tyrion serves a purpose and despite what they’ve done with his character of late, he is still going to be important.   Jorah is great at pointing this out to her and probably the only one that could have reached her.  Dany is still young and needs someone like Jorah to bring her back down to earth from time to time.  I miss that about Ser Barriston as well.  Jorah says he has one more suggestion and the scene cuts to Dany approaching Sansa.
  • Dany and Sansa – We can only assume that Jorah also suggested that Dany speak with Sansa. Dany meets Sansa in the library and I appreciate that Sansa doesn’t sit until Dany sits.  It was great to see Dany approaching Sansa in this mature way and Sansa’s reaction was also great.  It is known that I am not a Sansa fan; however, I do think this scene is very mature for the both of them.  The catty banter is annoying and doesn’t have a place at this particular time.  I was glad to see Sansa defend Tyrion unlike their initial meeting seemed harsh.  It also made sense for Sansa to go with Brienne’s word on Jaime.  The conversation about Jon also went well in my opinion, Dany opened her eyes to Jon not being as dumb as Sansa may have thought he was being because he was in love.  The conversation was going well, even with humor, until Sansa asked about the North.  I get Sansa wanting them to remain free from the 7 kingdoms; however, I think it’s a conversation for another time.  This is not priority right now, but I guess it is ok to put it out there.  When the conversation takes place, it must involve Jon as Warden of the North.  Sansa is Lady of Winterfell, like Catelyn, and Jon is Warden of the North, like Ned.  Therefore, that is a conversation that must involve Jon.  All of which will be a moot point depending on what Jon does with the revelation that he is the rightful heir.  On another note, I do want to know why Sansa and Royce keep having meetings. 
  • Sansa and Theon – Sansa and Dany’s meeting is interrupted by news of Theon’s arrival. Theon bends the knee and addresses Dany as my queen.  He explains that Yara went to the Iron Islands and Dany asks why he is in Winterfell.  Theon turns to Sansa and says that he wants to fight for Winterfell if Lady Sansa would have him.  Last episode, the moment between Theon and Yara was one of my favorites.   Here again this was the most emotional moment to this point of the episode.   I loved this scene.  Theon has been through a lot and it took me about 7 rewatches of the series to appreciate Theon’s character but since it hit me I’ve been a big Theon fan.  He has had a struggle dealing with a father that didn’t care, not truly belonging in Winterfell, trying to impress a shit father and making all the wrong decisions, some truly egregious, to being tortured at the hands of a maniac and all the after effects of said torture.   All of which made this scene awesome in my opinion, the best part was Sansa’s reaction with tears in her eyes and hugging Theon, acknowledging him as a part of her family.
  • Davos, Gilly and the Children – one emotional scene after the next. Of course, I couldn’t help but remember Princess Shireen when this adorable little girl shows up for food.  She is the cutest little thing wanting to fight.  Gilly steps right in and urges her to join them in the crypts to defend them there.  Gilly showed her usefulness as a mother and the important role of caregiver while all the fighting is going on outside.
  • Tormund, Edd and Beric – I loved Tormund greeting Jon and the reuniting of Sam, Jon and Edd. Tormund warns they only have until sun up then immediately asks if the big woman (Brienne) is still at Winterfell, appreciated humor.   I have to say I think Tormund’s crush on Brienne is the cutest thing ever, too bad she has eyes for Jaime.
  • War Council – all the leaders are at the table and Jon says the best bet is to take down the Night King to have the rest of the army fall. Jaime points out that he won’t expose himself if that’s the case. Bran immediately jumps in and says that he will come because he is coming for him.  He will come for him like he’s come for other 3 eyed ravens before him.  This has been on the mind of every watcher for 8 seasons.  What does the Night King want, who is he coming for and why?  Well we have a partial answer.  He is coming for Bran.  But why?  Is it because Bran is linked to the magic that created him?  Bran says he wants an endless night and he wants to erase this world and Bran is this world’s memory.  Sam points out that it makes sense since his memory is beyond books.  Tyrion asks how the Night King would find him and Bran shows the mark he got when the Nigh King touched him.  Bran says that he would wait for him in the God’s Wood and all 3 of his siblings (including Jon) object to using him as bait and are weary of leaving him out in the God’s Wood.  Again, Theon steps up making progress towards redemption by offering to protect Bran in the God’s Wood with the Iron Born soldiers.  Tyrion offers to fight and says that he’s done it before and Dany shuts him down saying that he will go into the crypts because she needs him, and his mind protected.  Glad to see her listening to Jorah’s advice and making moves towards trusting Tyrion again, acknowledging his importance, if they survive.  Jon mentions that the dragons should be close enough to Bran and Arya asks if dragon fire would stop him.  Bran says no one has ever tried.  Hopefully that is a positive.  Tormund breaks up the tension with a joke about them dying and making googly eyes at Brienne.  The meeting is over and Jon leaves after a quick “your grace” again avoiding being alone with Dany.  She and Tyrion notices.  Tyrion stays behind with Bran to hear the long story of his journey.
  • Greyworm and Missandei – I made predictions that either Greyworm or Missandei would die, probably Missandei in front of Greyworm and raised as a wight. This scene was so emotional with that in mind.  First, we get some northern children with some racists stares and leaving as Missandei approaching them.  Then Greyworm tells Missandei that the north, and I assume Westeros as a whole, is no place for them as they are not truly welcomed.  He asks where she would want to go and of course she replies Naath.  Greyworm pledges that when this is all over he would take her to Naath and protect her while they’re there.  If I know my Game of Thrones, this almost certainly means a death sentence for one or both of them.  This is going to be so sad, I’m already crying!
  • Night’s Watch – FINALLY GHOST! Is it just me or is Ghost smaller than you expected. I really expected him to tower over them.  I feel as though Nymeria was towering over Ayra.  I guess she was standing on a hill over Ayra but she seemed way bigger than Ghost does in this scene.  I hope this is not all we get of Ghost.  I would have been nice to see Jon interact with him, geez he’s been gone forever.  I guess that was an off-screen reunion.  Jon, Sam and Edd look awesome with on the battlements, much like the top of the wall before battle.  Jon asks Sam if he wanted to join Gilly and baby Sam in the crypts and Sam is rightfully offended and reminds them that he was the first to fill a White Walker and Thenns.  Edd corrects him making Thenn singular and it is a nice comedic bit between the three brothers.  However, I do believe Sam should be protected like Tyrion.  We get a nice mention of Grinn and Pip and a call back with Edd saying last man alive burn the rest of us.
  • Best Bros – Jamie and Tyrion having a drink in front of the fire and Tyrion says he wish Tywin could see them defending Winterfell. It was awkward at first and Jaime’s face even shows it but chooses not to be mad at Tyrion in that moment, going along with the rest of the tone in the episode.  Tyrion and Jaime recall simpler times when Jaime was a golden lion sleeping with his sister and Tyrion was a drunken whore monger.  They toast to self-improvement. 
  • Pregame Show – Brienne and Pod join Tyrion and Jaime followed by Davos and Tormund. Brienne is initially her usual self-restricting Pod from getting a drink then relaxes as Jaime pulls a chair for her.  I expected this to be a filler scene that did nothing more than wasted some time.  However, it turned out to wonderfully done.  I laughed the loudest during the scenes of Tormund really trying to show up Jaime and tell his story of how he got his name all to win Brienne’s hand.  It was wonderful in comparison to Brienne’s story of the ball her father threw for her where men were making fun of her.  Jaime is too cool not worried about Tormund, very cocky Jaime, very cocky.  I absolutely loved everyone’s faces as Tormund told his story then downed his drink spilling it all over himself.
  • The Hound & Arya – the hound is sitting on the battlements and Arya joins him. He points out that she never shut up now she doesn’t say anything.  Arya asks how he came to be at Winterfell and says that he’s only fought for himself in the past.  The Hound rightfully points out that he fought for her.  I’m a little surprised that there is still this tension between Arya and the Hound but I expect a big pay off between these two still to come.    Beric joins them and Arya excuses herself saying she was not spending possibly her last night with two old miserable shits.
  • Arya & Gendry – Arya is getting in some archery practice and Gendry is lurking. He presents her with her new spear and Arya is impressed.  Gendry reminds her that she wanted him to come to Winterfell, well he’s here.  She asks what the Red Woman wanted with him and Gendry reveals that he is Robert’s bastard.  Arya’s eyes widened but she immediately began asking Gendry about his sexual history.  Gendry is flustered by how aggressively Arya is being towards him and is fumbling for words a bit.  Arya gets him to say that he’s been with 3 women and tells him that she doesn’t want to die a virgin and attacks him.  I’m expecting to see several comments about the cringy level however, I think it was well done.  Arya was in charge, even telling him to take his own pants off as we see her scars from the hard life she’s had.  It seems right along with her character to me.  I’ve always thought “that’s not me” meant something different than most.  Arya didn’t want to be a lady and treated like a porcelain doll, she’s a boss and takes matters into her own hands, much like she did with Gendry.  #Arendry.  Now I hope, like Greyworm and Missandei, one of these two doesn’t die.  Like Robert said, he has a son and Ned has a daughter, let’s join these houses.
  • Back at the Pregame Show – just about everyone is drunk now and sharing battle stories. Tyrion calls her Ser Brienne and then corrects it to Lady Brienne.  Tormund has to be explained to how and why Brienne is not a Knight.  He says that if he were a king he would basically knight the hell out of her.  Jaime jumps in and it does seem like more of a fight to impress Brienne; however, he points out that any knight can knight someone.  Jaime puts his drink down and orders Brienne to kneel.  Another amazing and emotional scene, with tears in her eyes (and mine) Jaime knights Brienne.  If anyone deserved to be a knight, it is Ser Brienne of Tarth, knight of the seven kingdoms.
  • The Mormonts – Jorah is trying to convince Lyanna that she should be in the crypts and he clearly doesn’t know his cousin. She has no intentions of hiding with the women and children. She wishes him good fortunes in the war to come.  I’m almost sure that means we lose my favorite little badass.  Sam approaches as Lyanna is leaving and acknowledges that Jorah can do more with Heartsbane than he could.  It was a nice touch Sam telling Jorah that Jeor taught him how to be a man.  Jorah tells Sam that he still has a house and I hope that means that Sam will take his place as Lord of Hornhill and maybe the Reach as there aren’t any more Tyrells.  I think he can do that and still be great mind that he is, possibly restructure the citadel as Dany mentioned. 
  • Back at the Pregame Show again! – Tyrion calls for a song and I was hoping it wouldn’t be Rains of Castemere to dampen the mood lol.  If this group weren’t already on fire with their scenes, it really reached its pinnacle with Pod giving the ultimate nod to book lovers everywhere singing Jenny of Oldstones.  As the song went on we saw what everyone was doing the night before the battle. Sam, Gilly and Baby Sam in bed. Sansa and Theon sharing a meal and I’m not sure, but it appears they could be getting much closer than I expected, perhaps we’ll join Stark and Greyjoy as well.  Arya and Gendry in bed, he’s asleep and Arya up, probably getting ready to leave Gendry in bed to prepare for the battle.  Greyworm and Missandei and that ominous kiss as he moves the unsullied out.
  • Jon & Dany – The Crypts – Jon faces Lyanna’s statue and Dany approaches him. The way her coat looks, she looks pregnant, but it could be the coat.  She asks whose statute he was looking at and Jon says Lyanna Stark.  Dany says many have told her that Rhaegar was decent and kind, but he raped Lyanna.  Jon corrects her saying that he loved her.  He breaks the news to her about his parentage and his real name.  Dany is in immediate shock and asks who told Jon that. She thinks its suspicious and does not appear to believe it.  Jon assures her that it is true and she says if it is true he has a claim to the throne.  I thought it was interesting that she says he had a claim and not “THE” claim to the throne.  At that moment, the horns blow 3 times and the White Walkers approach.  There seems to be A LOT of White Walkers, all of Craster’s 99 sons (minus the 4 we saw killed) perhaps?

I may be overly emotional, but I think I give this episode a 9.5 just because I wanted more!  I loved it, well done Dan & Dave.  I am so ready for next week.  Each episode brings more anticipation for the next and a touch more sadness that it is getting closer to the end.

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