Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Tease: Aftermath – Reaction Breakdown Review

HBO released another Official Tease this morning, similar to Crypts and Dragonstone, there is no new footage or at least I’m about 99% sure this is not actual footage.  It was pretty clear in Crypts and Dragonstone that the footage was not show footage.  Aftermath on the other hand leaves a little more to the imagination. 

Scene: Winterfell

We open on the Stark sigil on a banner blowing in the winds and some screaming in the backgrounds.  The banner is pretty jacked up!  As the banner moves off screen we see the Winterfell court yard and it is trashed.  There is a close up of dragonglass arrow heads covered in snow.  As the camera pans over the courtyard and we see more wreckage, we hear a wolf snarl and the camera pans to a Direwolf statue.

The shot moves inside and we see snow falling inside, similar to the vision that Dany has in the house of the undying.  It looks like we are in the kennels.  The cages are broken and the grounds are covered in snow.  One of the doors creek open and snow falls to the ground.  As the camera moves in we see the Hand of the King pin.  In the next shot we get a wide shot of what looks like a storage room or perhaps where people have been hiding as there is maybe a bag of grain, boxes, a shield and NEEDLE is sticking into something that could be an animal, idk.  The snow appears to be rising in this clip.

The scene moves back outside on the battlements, which look to be lined with stone horses’ heads that I’ve not noticed before.  Perhaps they’re Direwolves but either way I’d never noticed that before.  Did I mention there are no people in this teaser, Winterfell is abandoned!  The camera moves over the battlement to a broken rail and we see Lyanna’s feather blow off the ledge to the ground and we hear Ravens cawing.  There is mist and snows and wind blowing and when it clears we see Jaime’s golden hand.  I can’t tell if it attached to a body or not but there is definitely some arm still in there lol.  As we move away from Jaime we hear a dragon screaming and there is a chain hanging from a wheel.  It looks to be the chain Dany wears across her clothing.  The music gets louder and we see Long Claw in the snow.  The snows are blowing and as it blows on Long Claw we see some color underneath but not enough to say there is a person underneath.  However, in the distance we see a figure walking off – The Night King perhaps!!!

I’m loving all the new pictures and footage in the final days to the Season 8 Premiere.  None of the promos released is spoiling the season and that is great.  Anticipation is building in the right way.  I think we will get one more full trailer like the one we got on March 5th.  I’m expecting April 4th but we shall see.  Until then I’ll be enjoying all the cool pictures and inside the show clips being released.  Until next time!

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