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Looks like we have a new promo teaser that has not officially been released but found it’s way to Twitter. Since it’s out now… the teaser is mostly previously seen scenes from the March trailer. There was some newly added audio and visuals.

  1. Tyrion speaks! We see Tyrion in what looks like the great hall at Winterfell. Dany and Sansa are behind him and he says “we must fight together now or die”. Chances are he is speaking to Jaime. Glad to see Tyrion again in promo clips.
  2. Jon and Dany by the fire. We see Jon and Dany in what maybe a bedroom in Winterfell. Dany is facing the fire and Jon is behind her with broody face! He turns and leaves and Dany remains facing the fire. Looks as though they’ve had a difficult conversation or argument.
  3. Beric charging with his fiery sword. Most likely during the battle of Winterfell. If so we know that he makes it from wherever he was with Tormound and Edd in the trailer.
  4. The Unsullied in battle formation ready with the shield wall.
  5. Jon swinging his sword during battle. I couldn’t fell if it were at wights, White Walkers or the Night King. Most likely wights since it’s a teaser.
  6. Cersei in front of the fire. She has her crown on which I think she hasn’t in the previous footage.
  7. Varys, Davos and Tyrion looking up at the sky. Since they’ve all already seen dragons, I’m gonna say they maybe looking at Jon riding or a Dance of Dragons. Since it’s day time and there doesnt seem to be too much going on in the background, I’ll go with Jon riding.
  8. In the previously seen footage of Sansa looking at the dragons, we have the dragons singing in this clip which I don’t think we heard before.
  9. The previously seen clip of Arya kicking butt with the staff seems to be clearer and a bit longer.
  10. We see The Unsullied again with spears ready fighting in unison.

There also appears to be another version of the trailer that has a few other new clips. I feel like HBO is trolling the fandom; however, here’s what looks new

  1. Arya and Jon. This appears to be a solemn interaction. Jon has his signature broody face and walking away from Arya. The clip right before this is Jon in the God’s Wood but the clip with he and Arya they seem to be in the Lands of Always Winter. It looks like Ice all around them. This is not the look I need to see on Jon’s face when he and Arya are together!
  2. Sam voice over? Someone says “think of where we started, now it’s just us”. It makes sense for Jon to be saying this but it doesn’t really sound like him to me. Sam maybe? It’s probably Jon.
  3. Dany clip we got previously but now we see someone in the background that I assume is Jorah but looks like Jaime.
  4. Jon near Ned’s statue and the voice over is Jon saying “we need to end this war”.
  5. We have the clip of Jaime shouting again and in this one we hear him say “Bronn”. We’d gotten this audio previously for a Russian promo so it’s good to see it confirmed. HBO probably figured well they already know.
  6. Courtyard. We get a clip of what appears to be the Winterfell courtyard with a fiery background. I just hope Winterfell gets rebuilt in the end.
  7. Jaime Voice over? We have a voice over on previous footage that sounds like Jaime saying “this goes beyond loyalty, this is about survival “. Perhaps this is a part of Jaime’s speech to the northern lords when he arrives at Winterfell.

Both Promos

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