This Is Us S3 E14

Getting there, almost caught up!

Trying a little bit of a different format with this one, if I don’t like it i’ll revert back. My reactions as the show goes:

  • Randall is hilarious with his board and “do you want to use the red marker?” As an organization addict myself, I feel your pain Randall.
  • How cute is Toby? But yes sort of over the top! Love it.
  • What did I miss or forget? Why does Kevin have all those alcohol bottles? Is it because he couldn’t save his uncle?
  • I love Kate’s twin radar going off as Kevin arrives.
  • Ah man, poor Deja. That is horrible. The teacher should’ve known better based on the topic of that essay. Get em Randall! I actually laughed out loud for real. All my parent senses are tingling at this point. I can’t wait to see how Randall handles this. Come on Hulu, no time for your commercial break! Hmmm what’s The Village, I’ll have to look that up to see if I want to watch that one.
  • BRAVO RANDALL! BRAVO! You should be crying Mrs. Cunningham. Wow, doesn’t take much but Deja skipping the 8th grade teared me right up!
  • Kevin is horrible at lying. I’m sure all those drinks were just calling out to him. I hope things don’t get worse for Kevin before he gets better. Rooting for you Kevin!
  • What does that even mean Deja? Please get this little girl together Randall. Teenagers!
  • Poor Rebeeca. I know that feeling after losing a loved one. How much more devastating is it for that person to be your other half and missing such a special moment like the graduation of your 3 children. I love this moment between Rebeeca and Kate, they’ve had their issues but this is great.
  • Secrets are bad. This is going to turn out bad. This is one of the best things about this show, the Pearson’s are a supportive family.
  • Good job Randall. There is always more with teenagers, especially when they speak in absolutes.
  • OMG is it even time for her water to break. Aw man, they can’t catch a break on this show. If she loses the baby this is going to be bad for Kevin. Of course it will be bad for Kate and Toby, that’s a given; however, Kevin’s life is going to go down the drain if she loses the baby.
  • Bad move Randall. I really thought he was going to go the other way with it for the complete win. Then again, in the future vision we got I believe they were divorce so I see where this is going.
  • As much that is going on with every character’s life on This Is Us, Rebecca has had the worst go of it. I can definitely understand how she and Miguel ended up married.
  • The Big 3 for the win!
  • As usual!

Well that’s all folks, until next week…oh wait I was behind, until Tuesday!

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