GOT Season 8 Trailer – Reaction Breakdown Review

Hello from TIR! I must start by saying that I have been at work all day and intentionally stayed off of all outlets once the HBO Season 8 trailer for The Game of Thrones dropped (of course I had to post that it dropped). I wanted my reaction to be authentic and Unsullied.   I popped into an Azor Ahype (subscribe on YouTube) live this morning and unfortunately, I had to pop right back out.  I didn’t want to hear the break downs and theories before I got all my thoughts out.   Thanks to the Old Gods and the New for my YouTube watch later list because I’m pretty sure it was about to get good.  It will be an eventful evening watching YouTube for sure. Well here goes! Astonishing! Amazing! Astounding! Epic! Heroic! Thrilling! Exciting! Exhilarating!  In the words of Danny Zuco…IT’S ELECTRIFYING!

Arya Stark

Arya Stark, by far my favorite character on The Game of Thrones.  The trailer starts out in the first scene with Arya breathing heaving.  She looks younger but then again, she still is pretty young on the show.  The sheer terror in her face, covered in what looks like blood. Her breathing and catching her breath before the mad dash down the hall that looks like the crypts but it also looks like King’s Landing (I haven’t decided).  Who is she running from?  I’m assuming wights because she just does not appear to be running from a human!  The narrated voice-over, I wonder who she’s talking to with her creepy Faceless Woman-No One voice?  Death has many faces and she looks forward to seeing this one…is that Dragon-glass she’s holding?  She’s looking forward to seeing the Night King?  My adrenaline level increased when I hit play, but this scene threw off my equilibrium!  Kudos to the show runners, the way the scene is filmed is thrilling.

While Arya is talking, we see Davos thinking hard in Winterfell. Then a quick cut to Varys and he looks terrified.  Is he imprisoned or hiding? Who are all those people sitting?  This looked familiar, a cross between when Ned was imprisoned and when the ladies of King’s Landing were hiding during the Blackwater Battle.

Golden Company

Next, we see Euron and the Golden Company coming through!  I’m still all for the GC switching sides and abandoning Cersie.  I didn’t see a Daario sighting but there is still hope.

Bran and Sam, the All-knowing Duo. It seems like Bran is talking to Sam but I’m thinking that Jon is in the room and we just don’t see him in the shot.  Perhaps it’s Maury reveal time!  Sam looks back at someone before the scene cuts…to My man Tormond! And he’s still alive!  Beric lighting the way with the fiery sword!  There is a 3rd person but I have not been able to make out who that is just yet but that’s ok because I can wait for the magical 4-14-19.

Kissed by Fire – Tormond & Beric

Cut to Cersei, Qyburn and The Mountain in what looks like the dragon pit, the same place where the group met in S7.  Cersei is looking happy, smug and conniving.  Perhaps the Golden Company is arriving soon.  Hopefully, someone will wipe that smile off her face soon *insert eye-roll*.  Next scene please!

On the Way to Winterfell

I think that my first season 8 prediction may have been correct. I said that Arya was going to see the dragons during their procession from Winter Town to Winterfell. 

We get a shot of the caravan and the Unsullied look friggin’ amazing.  Where the heck are the Dothraki?  No Dothraki but we get Jon and Dan on his and her horses looking authoritative.  Powerful.  Imperious! Royalty! Stargaryen!  Be still my heart!

Sansa, beholding the wonder that is Drogon and Rhaegal in utter dread, alarm and fear. YES! Be afraid be very afraid.  One of these days, maybe in rewatch 15, I will like Sansa.  Maybe.  Hey maybe S8 Sansa will be the awesome Stark that she has in her.  You’re a Wolf, Be a Wolf!  It works!


What would the trailer be if it didn’t happen? Jon is brooding again!  Has he found out his true lineage?  Dany is still by his side…In Winterfell!  In the CRYPTS!  He’s definitely either talking to his mother or his uncle.  Or maybe he’s visiting Ned because he doesn’t know yet.  I think he knows.  By the way, I wonder what bedroom they were given?  Has Sansa given them Cat and Ned’s room? We shall see.

Gendry – 1 half of #Arendry

Gendry is getting everyone ready.  In charge! Has Arya and Gendry reunited.  Please please please #Arendry! I still have hope.  I digress.  Everyone is getting ready, ‘It’s about to go down’ – Kevin Hart voice. 

Jorah on horseback kicking butt, apparently in Winterfell.  The Battle of Winterfell will be out of this world!  Greyworm getting ready to join the fray with the goodbye kiss! It sure did look like an I’ll never see you again kiss, which I hope is not the case.  Missandei looking amazing as always. 

Jamie Lannister! Everyone that knows my GOT views knows that I still think there is hope for Jamie.  Yes, he pushed a kid out of the window.  If he didn’t, Bran wouldn’t be in the All-Knowing Duo! I digress again, this trailer gives me hope for Jamie’s redemption!  He looks like a Gladiator!  I’m getting “This is SPARTAAA” vibes from this scene with Jamie. 

Then there is Cersei.  We get a shot of the Throne room that reminds me of the Throne room during the Blackwater Battle when Cersei was ready to poison herself, Tommen and Myrcella.  I can’t really tell who is on the throne but that was the sense I got from the clip since it rolls right into Cersei.  In contrast to her earlier clip, she looks like she’s been crying in this scene but who knows if the clips are in chronological order.  I definitely appreciate the look of despair and defeat in this clip.

DANCE OF DRAGONS 2.0!  Or just Drogon and Rhaegal arriving at Winterfell?  I don’t know but the dragons on the snowy wintery background is simply stunning, remarkable, and breathtaking.  Then we get Arya again, in the same clip we got from the previous teaser, admiring the magnificence of the dragons.  Meanwhile the people of the town are rattled and running for their lives.

Another clip of Greyworm in full battle mode commanding the Unsullied transitioning to Jon at the weirwood tree in the God’s Wood.  Is he praying? Is Bran out there with him and we don’t see him in this clip?  Are we getting another flashback? Please can we have another flashback.  I don’t know to what scene but something we haven’t seen that has epic ramifications.  Perhaps the Tourney at Harrenhall and everything we’d been told is a lie.  Or fill in the blanks between the Knight of the Laughing Tree and Lyanna’s fake kidnapping.  Maybe show a conversation with the annulment then Lyanna and Rhaegar planning their elopement to show Jon that he’s legitimate. I also want Howland Reed but I didn’t see any references in the trailer.

On to The Hound in front of the fire.  Is he forced to overcome his fear in the finale?  Do we get Cleganebowl?  Is he about to face-off with his brother?  It’s a dark area so is it the same clip where Arya was running through the halls?  Are they together being awesome again?  Yes please, I’ll take an Arya and The Hound with a side of Awesome-sauce.  The Mountain is going down.

Jamie Oathkeeper Lannister.  Please pass me the White Book.  I’m willing to bet that Jamie redeems himself.  I have to say it again.  Jamie is on his comeback tour!  Can I just say that so far in this trailer, Arya and Jamie for the WIN.  I’m loving all of their clips.

Jon v Night King?  Ice and Fire.  Jon with the fiery in the background – Azor Ahai reborn, maybe just maybe he is the Prince Who Was Promised.  We shall see.  However, I’m thinking the battle with the fiery background is in King’s Landing.  It looks like the army is storming a castle.  I can’t tell where but I’m going to go with King’s Landing for now.

WHAT KIND OF BONES ARE THOSE?  Horses? Is this where the hell the Dothraki went?  Say it ain’t so!  However, they don’t look like human bones to me in comparison to D&R.  Did Viseryon get broken up into pieces and charred by Drogon and Rhaegal?  Is Jon about to ride Rhaegal?  This is about to be the best season ever!  I’m getting super excited writing as I rewatch the trailer for the 5th time.  I’ll probably watch it several more times today once I can get to my YouTube list.  Back to the trailer – Jon and Dany in the skies for the Dance of Dragons.  Drogon and Rhaegal verses Viseryon.  The Night King is going down!

Confession Time: If Arya dies in Season 8 it will break my heart!

ARYA STARK OF WINTERFELL WITH THE WATERDANCE MOVES!  Shout out to my man Syrio Forel The First Sword of Braavos!  How many people and wights will Arya have to take out this season?  I cannot wait to see Arya put those skills to use.  How impressed will Jon be with her Awesomeness?  To see Arya move like Syrio will be good enough for me, he doesn’t have to still be alive (secretly wants Syrio to be Jaqen).

Quick clips of a sad Dany and a worried Tyrion.  What’s Tyrion worried about now?  The clip reminded me of his expression when Dany left to go help beyond the wall in S7.  Perhaps this is pre- Jon/Dany dragon riding?  There is still something up with what he and Cersei spoke about in S7 and that look he gave during #boatsex.  Come on Tyrion don’t let me down in S8, you’ve been the man S1-7.

Another quick flash of Drogon blasting someone.  Clearing the wights out probably.  The Unsullied in formation.  The music is awesome here.  Seems as though the Unsullied may have different Helmets, they look a little different or maybe not.  They have a Master Shredder vibe going. Pod & Brienne! It’s splendid to see Pod in the battle.  I’m expecting to see some nice moves from Pod from all the training Brienne gave him.  This guy has been in training for like 3 seasons, he’d better be a badass.  Jorah looking ready to fight.  This clip is likely before the battle and the North is ready!

And there you have it…Here comes the Night King on his undead horse!

A round of applause to HBO! Ok people, I’m ready to watch again!  Please enjoy and tell me what you think.  Comments please!  Don’t forget to follow/subscribe to, the Realm is waiting! #TIRealm

Click here for the full HBO Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer!

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