GOT Amino “What If” #rebirthchallenge

Amino is a cool fandom community. They have communities for just about anything you can think of. Download the app if you haven’t already! I am a member of the GOT community. They had the coolest challenge I saw today and decided to participate. The object was to pick a character and write them back into the beginning of the story as though they were reborn retaining memory of their life until death.
Here’s my entry.

“Lord Joffrey”
“I am your King” Joffrey woke to The Hound standing in his room looking at him with a puzzled look on his face. His head pounded and the light bothered his eyes. The room he was in was not his.
“Why am I in this room?” He yelled at Sandar, who was still standing over him searching for words.
“My Lord, we better get a going. The party is almost ready to start on to Winterfell. ” Sandar moved around, gathering items and placing them in a trunk.
Joffrey closed his eyes again and breathed in. He could hear chatter in the halls and outside his window in the courtyard. What the hell was happening? He lifted his hands to his brow and felt a tickle in his throat. He placed his hand over his throat and began coughing. Sandar rushed to get him a goblet of water.
“Lord Joffrey drink! You’re choking!”
Joffrey took a sip and spit the water out immediately, followed by throwing the goblet across the room barely missing the burned side of The Dog’s face.
“GET OUT!” He shouted at Sandar.
Sandar obeyed.
Joffrey walked over to his window and looked out to see wheel houses being packed and horses being prepped for a Journey. He placed his hands back on his throat and at that moment he remembered.
“How am I here?” he said to himself as he recalled his wedding day. I am the King, he thought.
He saw his reflection in the water pitcher. He was younger. His throat tickled again. This is impossible. Tyrion was his cup bearer.
Margaery looked beautiful. Widow’s wail.
Cersei’s face flashed in his memory. She looked down at him screaming.
Uncle, he thought, he killed me. An imp, a dwarf, that evil creature stole my throne.
I am King! I’m not king. I died. I was murdered. I shall have his head!

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