GOT Season 8 – Reaction Breakdown Review

All the trailer watchers,

such as myself, got a welcomed surprise today with new footage from the series finale of Thrones. Even though the clips were a few seconds long, it was welcomed. Soon after HBO released the teaser there was a tremendous buzz on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The memes flowed and the video review alerts were piling up. The Long Night has been extremely long and any teaser brings a glimpse to what we hope will be the Dawn.
The Teaser: Ayra! Let me just say, I couldnt help but totally geek out at her facial expression at what I’m 99% sure was her first sight of Dany’s Dragons. I’ve heard some speculation that she could also be seeing Jon for the first time but at the angle she’s looking up at, he would have to be on a dragon, which I dont necessarily think is the case. The Jon and Arya reunion is in my top 5 things I’m looking forward to in season 8 but I dont think that’s what gave us that look of wonderment on Arya’s face.
Also in the teaser looked to be a clip of the wall post undead Viserion’s attack. There was also some season 7 footage added at the end as a reminder. We also got the Unsullied marching towards Winterfell from possibly Winter Town. For such a short clip, we got alot of information. I’m more excited for Season 8 if that is even possible. Check out Cosmo’s teaser article
In the midst of all the buzz about the new trailer, I also came across Emilia Clarke at the Oscars talking about how much the finale will shock fans. Take a look

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