You – Netflix – Episode 4 – SPOILERS – Reaction Breakdown Review

Poor Ethan, he can’t even help super sleuth Peach.  Let me just say Ethan is so clueless about life right now.  I mean he’s in the bookstore and doesn’t even have keys to the basement.  I’m sure he wouldn’t want keys if he knew all the secrets it holds.

Back to our regular scheduled programming.  The Captain, anyone that calls their parents anything other than a version of mom or dad is weird.  If I were to put on my psychology major hat I’d say Beck is obviously filtering through her daddy issues and it is being manifested in her relationships with men and her friends but let’s stick to the creepiness that is Joe.  Who tracks someone down based on the background of a picture, who are you Joe, Liam Neeson?!  Well I guess you couldn’t leave it on the 8 second note.  Who are we kidding, Joe didn’t have to do too much for Beck to let him redeem himself as he put it.

It’s a given that Joe is insane but Beck is doing her best to fall further and further into his clutches.

On to episode 5, I appreciate this episode giving insight into Beck’s crazy with her monologue.

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