You – Netflix – Episode 2 – SPOILERS – Reaction Breakdown Review


Who the hell is Candace?
Episode continues to solidify that Joe is a whole lot of crazy.  He is walking around with Beck’s phone tracking everything she’s doing.  He has a baseball cap on and no one knows who he is!  Just complete incognito Clark Kent vibes.  Seriously Beck you don’t see him? 
Beck is taking advice to blackmail her sleaze bag professor.  Why do you even want the damn TA job Beck? Joe is using Benji to figure out Beck’s life.  For someone that doesn’t have social media, Joe is really good at this stalking thing.
Paco is reading Frankenstein, the irony!  Joe really doesn’t think he is the monster.  Clearly he doesn’t, given that poor Benji is still locked in the bookstore basement in a magneto style prison cell.  Again, Joe’s inner voices are telling us that Benji is the monster.  Which he is a douche but come on Joe, he said he was allergic to peanuts!  Benji is doomed and Paco is being groomed!
I’m most concerned for Paco and Peach at this point.  Paco is just a kid and who wants to see a kid become the next Frankenstein.  Peach seems like a bit of a twit but is the only one so far who is feeling Joe’s superman-villain vibes!
I’ll be back again after episode 3, this is good!  Oh before I go, shouts out to the directors, I love the blur effect when we get a wide angle outside of the bookstore because clearly everyone is in a haze!

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