You – Netflix EPISODE 3 – SPOILERS – Reaction Breakdown Review

​Signs signs signs!  No one’s bedroom is big enough for a king bed in New York.  Come on Beck, how are you not seeing all this crazy?  Oh, that’s right she’s too busy seeking validation from everyone around her to see all the dysfunction that is Joe.
Or Joe is just that great of a villain.  I mean this guy is smooth.  Even under stress he is able to turn a crime scene into a campfire.  Joe’s just moving right along using Benji’s advice to manipulate his relationship with Beck.  Just when you think he is winning, it seems that Benji may be playing him.  Beck didn’t seem to respond very well to Joe’s advances in the furniture store or maybe it was just another one of Beck’s attempts at seeking Joe’s validation and wanting him to see her a certain way. 
Whatever it is, I’d say Joe is still winning at the moment.  I’ll be continuing along to episode 4 to see if Peach or Paco’s dad is able to foil his plans.  They seem to be the only 2 who aren’t completely blinded by Joe’s smooth moves.
Before I go, how awful does the basement of that bookstore smell?  Sheesh!

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