What I’m Watching (Now that House of the Dragon S1 is finished)

For the last ten weeks, like many of us, I’ve been all involved in The House of the Dragon.  I’ve neglected or purposefully reserved some shows for after the House of the Dragon (HOTD) season finale.  One reason being that House of the Dragon provided so much content on YouTube that when I wasn’t watching HOTD episodes I was watching HOTD reactions, breakdowns and reviews on YouTube.  Another reason being that I understood following season 1 of HOTD, filming for season 2 wasn’t going to begin until Spring 2023. 

If filming won’t start until Spring 2023, that means the season won’t air until at least August 2024 but possibly later.  To put it in Game of Thrones terms, The Long Night has begun.  While HBO has a slew of spin-offs in development: Dunk & Egg, Snow, The Sea Snake, 10,000 Ships, and Yi-Ti animated series (the last 2 rumored to have been cancelled), none of them would likely be released in 2023.  If any of them are released in 2023 that would be a welcomed surprise, but I digress. 

I, like other viewers, have asked: ‘What will I watch now?’ Well, I have a list!  I have a few lists: things I will rewatch, new shows and shows that I need to catch up on. 

Get Caught-up: Shows that I started in the past and either forgot about, haven’t seen the current/newest season or just lost interest in at some point.

  1. The Witcher – Netflix
  2. The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu
  3. The Expanse – Prime Video
  4. Succession – HBO
  5. Rings of Power – Prime Video
  6. AHS – FX
  7. The Boys – Prime Video
  8. The Last Kingdom – Netflix
  9. The Crown – Netflix
  10. Ozark – Netflix

Re-Watch: Shows that great that I want to go back and watch again.

  1. Vampire Diaries – HBO Max
  2. Game of Thrones – HBO/HBOMax
  3. House of the Dragon – HBO/HBOMax
  4. Black Sails – Starz, Prime Video, Hulu (last 2 might require a specific subscription/plan)

New/Never Watched: New shows that came out or will come out this year that I will start watching.

  1. The Peripheral – Prime Video
  2. Interview with a Vampire – AMC
  3. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Netflix
  4. 1899 – Netflix
  5. Star Trek Strange New Worlds – Paramount +
  6. From – EPIX

Since I don’t have Paramount + and Epix subscriptions, From and Star Trek Strange New Worlds are way down on the list, like last 19 & 20.  Hopefully you can find a show to add to your list.  Leave a comment if you have suggestions of shows I should add to my list.

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