Grand Rising Realm

Blessings for a Tuesday that is full of abundance in all the areas that you need. I have been spending some time thinking about abundance and the ability to perform with an abundance mindset. Sometimes we have a tendency to operate in fear and I want to be able to recognize it when it occurs and redirect the thoughts as well as the action that tends to follow from a thought process initiated by fear. Not the regular kind of fear that protects us from danger. It is the kind of fear that tells us that perhaps we are not good enough or unable. Sometimes it displays itself in procrastination because we are afraid to actually do so we instead delay.

It seems like if we are able to identify those feelings when they occur or even detect them as they approach, we can train our minds to combat them with an abundance approach and an focus on mindful thinking. If I believe that I have the ability to accomplish a task or recognize that I’ve already worked out the process in my mind and all I need do is transfer it to a tangible product or physical action, perhaps then I could remove the associated fear. Or it may be as simple as changing my physical environment to offset the oncoming doubt. For example, if you are laying in bed feeling blah, relocate to the living room or porch or any other physical location and refocus your thoughts. It won’t work unless you want it to. Telling ourselves “that’s dumb, it’ll never work” and other such thoughts is actually a form of internal sabotage and is an obstacle we impose on ourselves. It is usually more powerful than external obstacles.

Today, lets adjust to a different mindset that knows you can or believes you’ve already accomplished it and only need transfer it from your head to the physical world.

Good luck, peace, love and light.


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