Captain’s Log, Stardate: 96662.81

What to do when you’re not sure what to do?  Write until you figure it out.

So i’m blogging.  Trying to keep my mind off of checking college applications every minute of the day.  Especially when the next notification date is at least 2 weeks away.  However, I can’t help but check anyway because what if something is missing or they’ve requested something or the made an early decision!  Anxiety is what happens!
Now that I’ve released that energy, let’s get to it.
I’m looking forward to this.  Just being myself with my blog.  I think i’ll call you bloggie…just kidding…or am I.  That is a little insight to the random streams of thought that i’m most times unable to turn off.  Turn down for what right!?!
Well i’m going to keep it short for now, especially since I don’t have any friends yet šŸ™  As in readers!
What’s on my mind right this second:

Jon Snowbunny
  1. I hope my YouTube friends post good GOT videos today (by YouTube friends I mean the people i follow on YouTube who have no idea who I am…friends).
  2. Jon Snowbunny is getting way too fat…That’s him below…He’s my new baby I got for Christmas from my husband.  Well he eats allllll day and he’s sitting here staring at me waiting for more food!
  3. Is my lunch break really over!  Ok bye guys

ā€‹I think i’ll like this!

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