2 Weeks Post Op

A little over two weeks following Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery and I’m asked several times a day if I feel better. The answer is yes and no. Surgery itself came with it’s own pains and recovery process and from those I feel better every day. Prior to surgery there were several symptoms as a result of the faulty valve that are also slowly being reversed. According to my doctors, it will be some weeks before I feel like I did before the onset of symptoms. I can breathe alot better and the overall incision pain is going away more each day. Most of the congestion and swelling is gone, perhaps 85% of it. However, fatigue is not going away as quickly as everything else. I’ve got about a slow 6 minute stroll in me before I’m weak all over. It feels as though gravity is pulling me through the ground. Despite the fatigue, the doctors are amazed how well I’m doing 2 weeks post op. I think my crystals play apart in the rate at which im recuperating. Every little bit helps. Taking it day by day… Namaste🔮🦄❤☮

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