GOT S8E2 Pre-Show Thoughts

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Going into episode 2 this weekend, here are the 5 things I’m hoping to see or at least built up in this week’s episode.

Bronn – what will he do with that Crossbow?  I don’t think that Bronn will follow through will Cersie/Qyburn’s request.  It appears most agree that Bronn has a special relationship with Tyrion and Jaime and find it hard to believe that Bronn will attempt to kill them, this suggests that things will go down another path and perhaps Bronn may follow through or at least try.  Perhaps Tyrion will offer to double payment to betray Cersei.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if Bronn convinced the Golden Company to switch sides instead?

Jaime – The preview for this episode we see Jaime in the great hall and there is some speculation that he is on trial.  I don’t think it is a full trial, but he is explaining Cersei isn’t coming and Daenerys brings up he’s always been a traitor.  Daenerys was not upset or did not show her anger towards Jaime in the dragon pit in Season 7, so it is a little odd that she’s now bringing up the dreams she had about what she would do to him when she saw him.  In addition, she never brought up him charging at her in the Loot Train battle either. It seems to be misplaced anger towards Cersei for not coming and towards herself for believing Cersei.  We also see the scene with Dany and Sansa discussing trusting Cersie.  I think in this scene we may get a Bran flashback of the Throne Room Burn Them All scene, or at least I hope so, I love flashbacks.

God’s Eye – someone pointed out they saw the God’s Eye shown in the opening credits.  When I looked I was able to see what looks like it could possibly be the God’s Eye near King’s Landing.  It does not appear to scale, as it seems too close to Kings Landing, and it also does not seem a full circle as seen on other maps.  May be wishful thinking, but I’d love for this to be the God’s Eye and that we get to see it this season, even if it is in a flashback.

Jon & Dany – I hope they don’t drag out the Jon reveal to Dany about his true parentage.  I also don’t want someone else to tell her about it.  I believe she will be more upset about the fact that she is not the “true” heir more than she is sleeping with her nephew as this reaction seems truer to the story and her character personality.  However, the show tends to play on current societal norms and they may choose to focus on the incest.  In this scenario, I’d hope they would at least suggest that Dany is not concerned because she believes Jon will not want to take the throne.  Hopefully this path takes us away from the Sansa and Dany struggle for power and any more magically dragon rides, my least favorite parts of Episode 1.  I’m hoping for an end to the character entitlement we’ve seen with Daenerys’ character in the last few seasons.

Melisandre & The Night King – I hope we get Melisandre this episode.  I think she will be important to the real solution to the end game.  Episode 1 ended with Ned Umber pinned to the spiral symbol, made of body parts, on the wall.  Like many, I agree it looks like the Targaryen symbol; however, I don’t think that it is actually a representation of the sigil.  I do think it means Targaryen’s have a part to play in the great war.  We can probably most agree that the symbol itself is a spiral.  In nature the spiral means change, evolution and transformation.  All fits into the Night King’s story having been changed and transformed in the center of the spiral symbol pinned to the weirwood tree.  The center of a spiral is the source of change so Ned (a child) being pinned to the center suggests that the children and the weirwood are the source of the change and transformation.  They will also be the source for new change and transformation in the end.  Melisandre should play a key role with Bran in figuring this out.  Also, The North Remembers, takes on a new meaning for me, perhaps it’s the Far North who remembers.  The Night King seems to be trying to send a message of what he remembers.

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