This Is Us – S3 E15 and 16 – Reaction Breakdown Review

E15 The Waiting Room

The Pearson’s are in the hospital waiting room awaiting news on Kate’s early labor. They’ve been in the waiting room for far too long and tensions are rising. Everyone is upset with Kevin’s drinking and they’re all trying to avoid showing it. Kevin is still drinking and Zoe knows it and keeps calm about it while in the waiting room.

Kate – Gladly, baby Jack made it safely into the world and Kate is doing well. Kevin’s storyline would’ve been drastically shifted had they not. It was a relief to see Rebeeca get a break from her building anxiety in comparing the moment with that of when Jack died. I was doing so well the whole episode, even through Rebecca’s breakdown/flashback, but Kate’s prayer to her father for little Jack’s safety opened floodgates. How amazing was it to see Kate find this strength and innate motherly ability, after all she had Rebecca as a mom.

Before I move on to the next episode, let’s take a quick second to appreciate Miguel. It has to be horrible being an outsider of a family that you’ve been around for decades. It is a unique situation, since he was initially a friend of the family and now he’s in the family; however, it would be nice if the Big 3 were a little nicer to him. Miguel does handle it well despite them not completely accepting him. He even finds the kindness to handle Madison during it all. Bravo, Miguel.

E16 Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

Kate’s singing to baby Jack is beautiful. She looks as though she was made for motherhood, even reining in Toby when he’s mid-panic attack over baby Jack’s medical procedures. I feel for Toby trying to figure out being a dad. Again Kudos to Kate for being honest about her feelings and still helping Toby get his feet on the ground.

Beth and Randall – These guys are continuing along the path to divorce. While the dance flashback is nice as it is always nice to see Jack and Rebecca while forming perspective around the Pearson’s, Beth and Randall’s drama was the focus of most of the episode. They are falling apart a little more each episode. Beth looks at Randall as though his voice annoys her. Randall seems to be trying to keep it together but it is clear he believes Beth needs to make the work sacrifice for the family. They are working at odds so it is highly unlikely they will truly turn it around. When Beth showed up to dinner and I thought she had not heard Randall’s voicemail, I just knew we were heading for a last straw type of argument, well played Beth. This will end badly. Through it all I wondered, how old is Deja and why can’t she fill in some of the child care gaps? Clearly she can’t do drop offs and pick ups but surely she can help resolve some of the issue with in home sitting, No?

Until next time! Let me know your thoughts!

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