How Does It End for Jaime Lannister?

Jaime started out as an awful live action version of Charming from Shrek. I, like everyone else, cringed as he pushed Bran from the tower window. I thought this guy is an evil, self centered little pretty boy and I had no hope through season 1. Jaime was horrible in season 1. Why I didn’t like Season 1 Jaime:

  1. Sleeping with sister
  2. Pushed a kid out a window
  3. Caused Ned to get stabbed in the leg
  4. Had a history of king slaying
  5. Series of smug conversations with Jon, Ned and others

As the show progressed we learned that Jaime is being manipulated by Cersei and makes the dumbest decisions as a result. We also learn that Jaime loves Tyrion and defies both his father and sister/lover to save him. Most importantly we learn that Jaime has honor that those around him may not be aware of but we in the audience have the inside story. As such, I now hope for Jaime’s story to end in a pleasant way.

Take a look at Star2 article on how Jaime’s story ends.

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