GOT – Who’s on the Throne?

This Vice article cleverly rank how the characters are seated on the promo pics recently released.

Click here to view the Vice article. The article pokes fun at how comfortable the characters appear while seated. It does not appear to rank based on how successful a ruler the character would be. I’d like to also rank these characters in order of how I would like to see them claim the throne. How good of a ruler would they be? *Based solely on show content.

20. Cersie Lannister – No need to go through all the reasons Cersei is awful, right?  I guess there are some out there that thinks Cersei is great.  While Lena Headey knocks this one out of the park, I don’t see any redeemable qualities in Cersei not even the love she has for her children.  I don’t buy any of it, she is awful.  Hard-Pass! The absolute worse option to be ruler.  She killed half the realm’s leaders in one swoop.  Yea Yea Yea I guess it was a smart move but it was horrible.  Cersie is horrible, the end! All I want for season 8 is for Cersei to die!

19. The Night King – ummmm!  So I’m going with a no!  But I also think there is more to his back story.  Who is the Night King? No he’s not Bran!  Maybe he’s someone awesome and would be the best ruler.  Since we don’t know, based on what I know, it’s a hard pass.

18. Euron Greyjoy – Euron is a NUT!  While I’ve heard a lot of his pure badassery from the books, I haven’t made it that far just yet.  Show Euron is clearly inside and is comic relief.  His attempts at appearing scary comes off as insanity.  Even when he clears out the sandsnakes, I was thinking someone get Euron some medication vs. Euron is terrifying.  However, I digress.  We’ve already had a Mad King…Next!

17. Melisandre – Mel is a fanatic.  It would be the same as having the High Septon on the throne.  I’d prefer to have my Queen able to see things clearly and not through the eyes of R’hllor.

16. Varys – Varys is the one character in GOT that I still have yet to really figure out.  I still feel there is something missing with Varys.  He is just so sneaky and something is still hidden.  I’m aware of the books story lines he is involved with and even so I just don’t think I know what Varys is for!  I think Varys can work well with Bran & Sam, talk about all knowing!

15. Theon Greyjoy – #poortheon.  Theon needs therapy not a kingdom and we saw what happened the last time he had power.  Next!

14. Jorah Mormont – No for me! He’s just too lead by emotions.  What wouldn’t Jorah do for love?

13. The Hound – No for me! Sandor has become a great guy but his temperament does not lend to ruling.

12. Greyworm – Gotta love Greyworm.  This one is straight forward.  He is a great military mind and is best served as an Army General not king. 

11. Brienne of Tarth – Brienne is similar to Greyworm for me.  She is such a great fighter that it clouds my judgement of seeing her from that angle.  However, Brienne is from a great house and is a Lady.  I suspect that means that she also has an upbringing that would be helpful in her knowledge of ruling.  I’d like to see Brienne knighted.

10. Bran Stark – I don’t even want to get into the 3 Eyed Raveness of it all.  I’m just going to go with no because Bran missed all the necessary learning experiences in his life that would have benefited him being ruler.  Young Bran couldn’t even be bothered when he was Lord of Winterfell.  I’ll agree he was a kid and who wants to listen to the towns people’s grievances right.  Bran doesn’t even smile, Next!

9. Missandei – I want to see Missandei with Team All Knowing: Sam, Bran, Varys.  She’s an academic and can do some great things in the new Westeros.  I want to see her apart from Daenarys.  Of course, with Greyworm.

8. Samwell Tarly – Samwell is a no for me.  Sam needs to be in charge of all things academic in the new Westeros.  Master of Education or Master of Knowing Stuff.

7. Arya Stark – Arya is my favorite GOT character.  That being said, I would not want to see her sit the throne.  She is a great fighter and is even further skilled as an assassin.  It appears she does have a very black and white view of right and wrong.  I can see her offing those who have wronged her as Queen and I’d be for it because Arya can do no wrong for me.  That being said, let’s not put Arya in that position.  In addition, she would hate it much like Robert Baratheon.  I don’t subscribe to the thought that Arya will never marry so here goes.  I want to see Arya married to Gendry Baratheon (legitimized) and taking on the role of a Lord rather than a Lady of the house.  #Arendry

6. Davos Seaworth – Davos is a great guy! I mean who doesn’t love Davos right.  Even though Davos says he’s no fighter, this may imply that he is not pertinent in the wars to come, he is smart enough to point this out.  He is useful in other ways.  He is smart and brave enough to smuggle crabs during a war knowing there will be a big payoff.  He can talk the Iron bank into supporting Stannis and talk Lyanna Mormont into helping Jon.  Perhaps in a few years he would be a great ruler; however, I like Davos as a Right-Hand-Man.  He’s just too good at support.

5. Sansa Stark – Sansa is a popular choice for many to lead.  I’m not among the popular!  I get that Sansa was a kid and little girls want to marry princes and be ladies and I suffer from a few fairy tale syndromes myself; HOWEVER, Sansa was an airhead! (makes me think of the scene between Tywin and Arya when he says most girls interested in songs about pretty maidens…and Arya says most girls are idiots) An airhead who has grown up to be an entitled schemer.  I still don’t understand how she could’ve kept the Vale army joining away from Jon.  He was their leader and commander.  I get that they came because she called but she should’ve told Jon, “hey the Vale has agreed to join, let’s put this off for a few hours”.  She wanted the surprise.  She wanted to be able to say, I saved you all.  She wanted to be able to tell Arya that the Vale didn’t ride North for Jon.  Sorry, I’m not for Queen Sansa.  She admits she is a slow learner so perhaps give her some time and maybe she can be ruler.  She has some more growing up to do for me.

4. Jaime Lannister- I don’t really recall any real discussions of Jamie for king.  I’ve seen discussions about his military abilities and his morals but not his ability to rule.  Let’s see.  Good things about Jamie: killed the mad king for good reason, Cersei for good reason.  He’s going to help the North.  He gave Brienne Oath Keeper to keep her vow to protect the Stark girls, talked Cersei out of slaughtering Lady Olenna.  Bad Things about Jaime: Cersei, Pushed Bran (Cersei’s fault), Causing Ned to get stabbed in the leg (Tyrion/Catelyn’s fault) and kills Lady Olenna (Cersei).  Jaime sans family may be a good ruler.  Get a mind of your own Jamie!

3. Tyrion Lannister – Tyrion would make an awesome ruler.  The one thing that gets in his way is his family.  I mean even drinks and whores doesn’t really affect his ability to rule.  I’d argue that Daenarys making him be sober leads to some of the not so good season 7 suggestions.  He’s Mr. “I Drink & I Know Things” for goodness sake, how is he supposed to know things without his drinks!  I digress again, Cersei & Jamie dies and Tyrion is the best choice for king! 

2. Daenarys Targaryen – Dany Dany Dany.  Let’s start by saying I love Dany.  HOWEVER, Dany has taken somewhat of a turn for me since season 4.  I still love her but her choices at times are questionable and founded in the sole belief she holds that the throne is owed to her.  Sometimes her vision is very black and white.  No one would argue slavery is right; however, she is clouded in the pure wrongness of slavery and does not think through how to resolve the big picture problem.  Dany has good intentions but needs strong advisors.  She had a strong adviser in Barriston (#RIPSerBarriston).  She listened to him.  She under-utilizes Missandei it only appears that she uses her as a translator and teacher of the unsullied.  Who knows maybe Missandei has more ideas.  Jorah is not a strong advisor in my opinion, he just wants to please her and does as she says.  Tyrion is a good advisor but she doesn’t have enough trust in him for his advice to have a bigger impact.  Dany has a good heart but has some growing to do and some humility to learn.

1. Jon Snow – Jon does not want to be ruler.  He didn’t want to be Lord Commander or King of the North; however, Jon is a ruler.  Both Sam and Lyanna Mormont eloquently outline why Jon is the best choice.  Regardless of his Targaryen claim, Jon would be the best choice even if he were just a Snow.  Regarding his choices and Ned-like Honor would not work in diplomatic situations, let’s not forget Jon is truly apt at picking advisors as well as taking advise. He does what is right in the long run and has the right about of honor, duty and emotion to consider his subjects. 

I just want to add that it sucks not seeing Gendry on this list since Jorah, Greyworm, The Hound and others got to be on the list.  #justice for Gendry!  Bronn and Tormund not cool enough for pics! Come on!  Hopefully their absence in the photo-shoot isn’t related to their fates.

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