GOT Rewatch Question 1

I’m on my 9th show rewatch. I know excessive but hey you can never watch too much Thrones. Anyway, in season 1 episode 5, when Arya tells her father about the conversation she overheard Varys and Illyrio, could Arya have saved her father’s life if he believed her? She told him they were planning on killing him because he knew too much.

Perhaps he did believe her but the news of Cat taking Tyrion distracted him. Not to mention Robert then follows that news with wanting to kill Dany. I guess it would’ve been irrational to just leave at that very moment. They never believe the kids in movies/TV shows.

Ned does plan to leave at this time but here comes Littlefinger with his little game planning to show Ned Gendry.

Yea, Nevermind he was still doomed in a series of unfortunate events!

Varys is such a questionable character, he appears to be for the realm. He says one thing to Ned and plots with Illyrio. I guess he appears to show his allegiance when he joins Dany in season 6 but is he truly on team Targaryen?

Season 8 please!

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