American Gods Season 2 Episode 8 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 2 Episode 8 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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American Gods has been a confusing and exhilarating ride.  The season 2 finale, Moon Shadow, has held true to that roller-coaster.  I’ve made it to the end of this episode on my first watch and I have no clue what just happened.  Let’s try this again, from the beginning on watch number two.

The episode opens with an old news radio broadcast and a family sitting in their country home on a farm.  The news broadcast announces that there had been an alien invasion in the very town the family live.  They become hysterical, pack up and flee their home.  Mr. World is facilitating the broadcast and it is a demonstration his power over the media to spread fear and creating a threat.  Even if the supposed threat is imagined, the fear it elicits is real in those who believe it exists.  By the end of the opener, Mr. World is shown directing a movie about an alien invasion and there is a little boy watching.  Mr.  World talks about fear and you can see that the little boy is developing the same fear about aliens.  In the next scene, the little boy, hears his dog barking and gets out of bed, dressed in Star Trek pajamas and runs outside, past a scarecrow to check on his dog Sandy, and is abducted by a spaceship. 

The radio broadcast was to mimic the real-life event of The War of the Worlds, by Orsen Welles, being read on the radio and perhaps causing the same type of panic in the 1930s.  The TV movie was also set up to mimic Sci-Fi movies of the 1950s.  Mr. World does an excellent job in his monologue during this segment of the show embodying The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling.  You also get the set up for the New Gods to display a show of strength this episode.

In the present day, we see the moon and then the camera moves down to Shadow standing in a grave yard at Ibis’ as Ibis is inside preparing Mad Sweeney’s body.  He recalls the moment of Sweeney’s death and has visions of the World Tree aka Yggdrasil, Wednesday, and a body of water leading to a bed on the beach.  The tree has runes carved into it and Wednesday is wearing a bracelet with the same runes as well. 

One of the runes shown is interlocking triangles which according to google are also known as Odin’s Triangles.  According to Wikipedia, Odin’s Triangles is also known as “The valknut (coined from Old Norse valr, “slain warriors” and knut, “knot”) is a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles. It appears on a variety of objects from the archaeological record of the ancient Germanic peoples.”  I’ve come to learn that one of the other runes is called the Othala rune which symbolizes ancestry and inheritance.

The images of Wednesday are from several encounters, including when he had the coin in the waiting room when Shadow’s mom was ill.  The beach looks similar to where the group went after the carousel ride for the great counsel.  They seem to be memories as well as visions of things that have not happened and we see and hear Laura say to him that he is just having a bad dream.  In the early morning hours, Wednesday sneaks out of the house.  Shadow wakes in the cemetery with three snails crawling up the side and Laura laying on the tomb across from him.

The CEO is sitting at his desk seemingly having trouble focusing and there are metronomes everywhere distracting him.  He realizes the images are in his head, recalls memories of him as a boy and a young adult and has an epiphany and redesigns and upgraded Tech Boy.

Back at the cemetery, Laura is still trying to make things right with Shadow and he says he doesn’t believe her and sorry isn’t good enough.  He tells her that Sweeney died last night.  Laura tries to warn Shadow against Wednesday and calls him puppy triggering a memory of a time when they were in the park and Laura saw a puppy she liked and wanted him to steal the puppy and he responds that he would be her puppy thus earning the nickname puppy.  When he gets up we see the tomb he was laying on says “She hath done what she could” and he reminds her not to call him puppy.  Laura says that she will kill Wednesday and asks if he’s going to stop her and he doesn’t respond.

The CEO tells New Tech Boy that he is perfect to which he responds by telling The CEO that he is messy.  New Tech Boy is calmer than his previous version.  The two discuss wrestling god as New Tech Boy wants to know why The CEO created him and the CEO doesn’t seem to really know. 

Meanwhile, Shadow leaves the cemetery and we see the snails again.  I could not figure out any symbolism that could be associated with the snail other than their pace.  Perhaps it refers to Shadow’s journey to realization thus far as it changes pace this episode.  Laura goes into the greenhouse where Sweeney died and becomes upset at the blood on the ground and Bilquis is waiting for her in the garden with an apple in her hand.  She tells Laura where Sweeney is, insinuating Laura would want to see him.  Laura plays with the blood on the ground with her boot as they discuss Wednesday, is she going to use this blood for the voodoo potion Bridget and the Baran told her about?  Bilquis talks about temptation and there is clear Garden of Eden symbolism.  Laura points out that Bilquis doesn’t like Wednesday and Bilquis asks if Laura’s intuition tells her that and seems genuinely concerned about Laura’s intuition.  I’d thought at one point that maybe Laura was the devil so perhaps there is a role reversal in this scene or maybe Laura is Lilith rather than Eve in this scene.

New Tech Boy and The CEO continue to discuss his recreation and sacrifices The CEO has made such as a family and notes that he can’t be in two places at once.  New Tech Boy asks what happens when you touch a God and they refer to the Sistine Chapel painting of Michelangelo touching God’s finger tips.  The CEO’s computer seems to have a virus or has been hacked.  New Tech Boy tells him that he is not made in God’s image, God is made in Man’s image.  New Tech Boy touches him and accesses all the CEO’s information seemingly taking back the tech that was taken from him and given to The CEO by Mr. World.  He transfers all the data to Mr. World and teleports to his bunker.   

Salim is in a store buying liquor and paying with cash because the New Gods have infiltrated the financial systems.  People are buying water and fighting over gas as the hysteria sets in.  Salim returns to Ibis’ and we see Laura standing alone with Sweeney.  Shadow finds several of Sweeney’s coins on the ground as Salim keeps continues to panic and finds a TV.  On the news we see Wednesday and Shadow are wanted men as New Media has embedded herself in the world wide web manipulating the media, banks, and surveillance.  Salim is utterly confused, and Ibis says, “all writers have bias”.  Anansi and Ibis appear aware of what the New Gods are up to as they discuss Shadow’s awareness over a game of chess.  Anansi says that Shadow’s ignorance gives him power and says that he is under the knife.  Shadow is eavesdropping, and it seems they are aware, and becoming rather nervous.

Wednesday is unbothered in a restaurant somewhere grinding pepper on his food as the news plays in the background.  Back at Ibis’ Salim is still panicking at the news reports while Anansi and Ibis discuss the coming revolution.  Anansi says that Ibis has lost his edge, but Ibis doesn’t agree a revolution is necessary.  If I’m not mistaken at this moment the beat for Gil Scott Herron’s poem, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, is playing in the background as they talk.  Shadow goes to get money from under his mattress.  As Shadow attempts to make a run for it, Bilquis is in his room.  She gets naked and tells him that their fortunes are linked.  When he asks how, she kisses him, tells him that he tastes of love lost, then marks his forehead with blood as she says find out who you are.  She disappears, and Shadow continues to try to leave.

Jinn enters the room with Anansi and Ibis.  Anansi and Jinn have a banter and Jinn moves Ibis’ board pieces and checks Anansi.  New Media adds Salim to the wanted list and Salim is really freaking out now.  Shadow tells Salim he needs to get out of here and leave the crazy Gods behind Salim says he is making his own choices.  The news is still playing in the background and New Media is increasingly upping the ante with locations and additional charges.  As Shadow walks by a TV, she speaks directly using her face and the faces of multiple news anchors to him reminded him that they spoke before when she was old Media.  Shadow knows that he is in a lot of trouble and is searching for a way out as we see the police and FBI are on the way to Ibis’.  Salim is also panicking as he sees the home is surrounded by law enforcement vehicles.  Ibis appears unbothered and amidst the chaos, Salim and Jinn share a tender moment. 

Shadow tries to leave through the greenhouse and the World Tree drags him into the tree and to that beach we saw earlier.  We see several images of his mother, Wednesday and Sweeney.  He recalls things his mother said including “don’t let him find you” warning him about his father.  He has visions of the buffalo and Wednesday.  As all the images and memories flood to him, Shadow pieces things together.  Shadow has an axe and begins chopping the World Tree as he realizes that he is Wednesday’s son.  The World Tree opens, and we see the beach again from the beginning.  There is a montage of Shadow as a child playing with a house and action figures set up in the same model as the present-day raid occurring.  Little Shadow uses his arm and swipes all the action figure police from in front of the toy home.  In the present day, Salim opens the front door and the home is no longer surrounded.  The FBI are soliciting the CEO’s help with fixing a terrorist hack that produced fake news over the last day.  The Jinn leaves after some Ibis refers to his relationship with Salim as his burden by calling him Sisyphus who was a king in Greek mythology who had to push a bolder up a hill that would roll back down when he got to the top. Laura is walking down the street with Sweeney’s body.  Mr. World sips his drink and smiles at the thought of Chaos and Mr. Wednesday drinks wine saying that his boy is going to be just fine.

Shadow is on a bus leaving town and the buss is stopped by the police who check everyone’s ID.  Shadow is free to go as the police says you’re free to go Mr. Ainsel.  He looks at his ID and notices that his name is listed as Michael Ainsel, I’ve learned is Shadow’s alias in the books when he is hiding from the Gods.  I suppose the Season 3 will have that plot-line. See you in Season 3!

American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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The episode opens with spiders crawling over thread and fabric and Anansi sewing and immediately wants to tell a story in his dramatic way.  There is church music playing in the background as he tells the story about a goddess.  We flashback to the Temple of Bar’an and there are several men and women worshiping the Queen of Sheba, Bilquis.  Everyone is naked and dancing and in a trance like state.  Kings were jealous of her rule.  She devoured the Crown, king who tried to seduce/challenge her, then devoured all the followers.  There is a time lapse and we see Bilquis in the 1970’s in a disco meet and seduce a woman on the dance floor.  Anansi says the Kings kept coming after her, in this time period, they came in the form of an angry terrorist group with guns breaking up the party.  Times were changing and Bilquis was changing with it, devouring one follower at a time, adapting to the changes.  Bilquis arrives in Hollywood.  There appears to be another time lapse to the 1980’s and Bilquis is visiting the woman from the disco in the hospital and she is HIV positive.  Fast forward to 2013 and Bilquis is on the streets, homeless and destitute, peering into an Ethiopian restaurant watching the TV as her statues being demolished in Yemen.  As Bilquis lays on the cold ground, there is a light and she is approached by Technical Boy, who heard they blew up her altar, and offers her a cell phone with a Tinder type of app called Sheba.  She would use this to meet new “followers”.  This is a great tie in to episode 1 when she first met and devoured a follower.  Moral of the story, Anansi wants Wednesday to find himself a queen because the New Gods have one.

Shadow is angry with Wednesday because he is still confused about the entire situation.  He wants more answers.  Wednesday tells him he is not angry yet, but he needs to start getting angry.  Shadow is having a dream climbing skulls and at the top there is a large tree and we see the buffalo with the fiery eyes again.  Shadow wakes up in the car and they are in Kentucky as they drive there are bunnies chasing the car.  Shadow and Wednesday are dressed in suits Anansi made.  Mr. Wednesday drove over a line of bunnies as they pull into a driveway of a home and says they are in the presence of a queen. 

Inside there are stained glass windows, bunnies, big hats, eggs and pastel everywhere as Shadow says I forgot it was Easter.  Wednesday corrects him and says it is the beginning of spring and all due to Ostara.  Shadow is approached by Jesus and says do I know you, I really need for Shadow to catch on by now.  There are Jesuses everywhere, Wednesday explains for every culture and denomination there is a different face of Jesus.  Shadow is smitten with Ostara and her southern pleasantries.  Wednesday points out that Jesus stole the day from her by being crucified.  Ostara says she is not a fool and that people are not worshiping her on Easter, but she is kept alive from it.  Wednesday pulls out his sword and explains that he needs her to join his war with the new gods and promises that people will pray to her and not Jesus.  Shadow compliments Ostara and Wednesday says he needs a word alone with Ostara.

Bilquis is in a museum staring at the ancient art exhibits and Tech boy appears behind her and says she’s been ignoring him.  She tries to seduce him, and he redirects her while puffing his vape pen.  He says that she owes and he’s calling it in.  Time to do some work for the new gods while she was appreciating how ancient of a god she truly is.

Back at Ostara’s, Sweeney and Laura arrive.  Shadow has a conversation with one of the Jesuses as he sat on water.  Shadow asks if he always believed and Jesus says that he is belief.  Shadow feels the need to confess his thoughts and fears to Jesus in a vulnerable way that we have not seen.  Jesus advises him to walk his road.  Wednesday continues to try to convince Ostara by reminder her that she is a queen and is owed worship.  A bunny gives her the message that Laura and Sweeney have arrived and she puts Wednesday on hold to go check it out.  Laura’s skin is pale, the color in her eyes fading and she looks horrible.  Sweeney asks Ostara to resurrect Laura as a favor to him.  Ostara asks Laura her name and makes the connection with Shadow Moon, Sweeney asks her to keep their presence quiet.  Ostara asks Laura how she feels, and Laura asks if Ostara resurrected Jesus.  Ostara clarifies that Jesus came back on her day, but she doesn’t resurrect but she has the power to grant life and with it being the height of spring it is a good time.  She looks into Laura’s eyes and sees Laura’s death and looks at Sweeney immediately asking if he is still working for the man.  Ostara says she can’t help because she was killed by a God and she can’t interfere with that death.  She leaves after getting another message from a bunny.  Laura asks Sweeney which god killed her.

Ostara goes outside, and Media is waiting for her with a faceless man.  Media reminds Ostara that they built the commercialized version of Easter together, with bunnies, duckies and eggs etc.  They go off to talk and we see Laura and Sweeney arguing as Laura physically gets the story out of Sweeney.  Sweeney admits that the robbery, Shadow going to jail, and her death was all due to Wednesday.  Sweeney says that’s just what Gods do, mess with their lives.  Back with Media and Ostara, Media threatens Ostara with non-existence if she does not join the New Gods.  Wednesday comes in and makes his play for the Old Gods.  Tech Boy says things are never going back to the way things were.  Wednesday says people pray to Gods for things to happen and Gods make them happen.  Mr. World appears and says there will not be a war and urges Mr. Wednesday not to fight it.  The weather begins to change, and Mr. Wednesday says that he dedicates these deaths to Ostara, lightening immediately strikes all of Media’s faceless men.  Wednesday asks Shadow if he has faith and Shadow says who are you?  Wednesday names every single name he goes by as the clouds swirl around him and ends with he is Odin and tells Ostara to show them who she is.  The weather changes and there are flowers, sun and immediately all the plant life is removed, taken back into the earth as she raises her hands and displays her abilities.  Mr. World says you want a war, you have a war.   Mr. Wednesday says tell the non-believers we’ve taken the spring, they can have it back when they pay for it.  Shadow says that he believes everything now.  Laura, looking like death itself, says she would like to have a word with her husband.  The episode ends with Bilquis is on a bus arriving to Wisconsin the house on the rock.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 8.

American Gods Season 2 Episode 7 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 2 Episode 7 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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The episode opens with Shadow walking down a dirt road and finding Sweeney laying under a bridge asleep.  Shadow says if you keep hanging out under bridges people will start thinking you’re a troll.  Sweeney is throwing coins around and says the only coin that matters is locked up in dead wife.  Sweeney is hallucinating, and Shadow is trying to get him to tell him where Laura is, and he said he thought she might be here when she ran away.  Sweeney tells shadow I’ll tell you something, you’re walking on gallows ground, and there’s a rope around your neck and a raven-bird on each shoulder waiting for your eyes, and the gallows tree has deep roots, for it stretches from heaven to hell, and our world is only the branch from which the rope is swinging.  It seems to imply that Wednesday is the puppeteer and fear of death keeps you in his service, but death may be freedom.  It also seems to refer to Will James somewhat.  However, but I could be way off.

In the next scene, Wednesday is admiring his tree that has grown considerably.  He asks Ibis and Jinn who are on their side for the war.  They name: Anubis, Anansi, Seth, Horus, Czernobog, Mama-ji and Bilquis but then question her loyalty.  Shadow comes in and Wednesday reassures them that they can speak freely.  Ibis says they can add Bast to the list.  Shadow says that Sweeney is in bad shape.  Wednesday makes light of it and Shadow appears irritated.  Wednesday excuses Jinn and Ibis and shows the Spear to Shadow.  He cuts a branch from the tree, apologizes, and says a spell over the branch and broken spear and it lights up as it is repaired.  He hands the spear to Shadow and tells him to guard it as they are the same.

Laura is in a diner giving Mama-ji sass and she displays her destroyer goddess form and shuts down Laura’s sass immediately.  Laura tells her that she needs the blood to bring her back to life.   Mama-ji tells her that she doesn’t need voodoo, she has the power to destroy in her heart with the coin.  Bilquis also mentioned that Laura was a warrior goddess.  I was also pretty sure she has some power associated with her death and strength.

Back at Ibis’ we see Sweeney outside and he is still having visions and he sees some spirits in the front.  Salim lets him in the house and Sweeney asks Salim if he can hear the banshee outside and Salim says they are women who lost their family last night.  Sweeney is falling apart. Inside the chapel, Bilquis is preaching to several people from the bible, I think she mentions Solomon, who are being seduced by her words.  Sweeney asks if that’s what she does these days and Bilquis says that she adapts.  She reminds Sweeney that he was a King and he says he doesn’t remember much of it these days.  She says that she will take his confession.

We get a flashback of Sweeney in the woods having sex with a woman, he stopped and says he can’t remember and Bilquis’ voice tells him to keep going.  She interrupts and tells him this story isn’t true, he had a wife.  Sweeney wakes up and it is night time.  Wednesday throws some insults his way and Sweeney tells him that he is welcome for every task he has done then quits.  Wednesday says his contract is not fulfilled.  Sweeney continues to refuse to be in Wednesday’s service to which Wednesday tells him to finish off Laura Moon, ignoring Sweeney’s objections.  Sweeney goes back outside and sees the banshees again, punches a beer bottle and sees ants in his hand.  He immediately has a flashback of him in the woods eating ants from a tree.  His wife approaches, he calls her a witch and she reminds him that she is his wife.  She tells their daughter to basically remember that her father is mad.  He asks his wife why she is dressed in rags and recalls their wedding day when she was dressed beautifully.  She reminds him that they lost the dress, lands, castle, their people and the war because he abandoned his people in the field and they’ve been cursed since.

Salim joins Sweeney outside and Sweeney asks him what does Wednesday have on him.  Salim says he is there because the Jinn is there, the Jinn owes Wednesday.  Sweeney tries to encourage him to leave but Salim says he is staying because he loves him and that’s how love works.  He says Sweeney can’t understand because he has never been in love.  Sweeney says that he has been in love and it is time to remember.

Sweeney flashes back to he and his pregnant wife dressed as king and queen in the woods and she asks him to change with the world.  Church bells ring and Sweeney becomes angry because they are building churches on their land, they can’t stay.  He said he spears one of the bishop’s priest and is cursed with madness and that he would die by the spear.  He runs off and sees a battlefield in flames and his wife appears and then changes into Laura saying help us.  We hear Bilquis saying this is not the version he told her, and Sweeney snaps out of the flashback and Salim is gone.  Sweeney has multiple versions of his past in his head and can’t figure out the real story.

Shadow is sitting on the bed admiring Gungnir and Sweeney tells him not to let Laura near it.  He further tells him that he is Wednesday’s favorite today, but it won’t last, there will be a cost.  Shadow is cocky and doesn’t head the warning.  Sweeney says that he takes his coin from the hoard, he can keep whatever is precious in the hoard.  He sends Shadow’s coin to the hoard and makes a deal with Shadow.  He tells Shadow that death is coming to that house and when the time comes don’t get in the way.  Shadow asks what that means, and Sweeney says you’ll know and brings Shadow’s coin back from the hoard.  He says that the Gods are not the Heroes.

Ibis is writing about Ireland.  Sweeney asks what he was writing, and Ibis responds the same story Sweeney has been writing all day.  Sweeney says that it’s hard to keep the stories straight.  Ibis says a story teller does not concern themselves with the truth.  Sweeney recalls all the different people coming into Ireland and changing their stories.  This is most likely why Sweeney is recalling multiple versions of his past.  Every time a new inhabitant came into their lands, their history was changed slightly as history is written by the victors.  Ibis says they made them small and that the story he is writing is of the ancient race of gods in old Ireland.  He tells Ibis he was a God not a king known as The Shining One and Long Hand because he was deadly with a sword.   Sweeney is recalling bits and Ibis is telling him other accounts.  Sweeney says it is wrong and remembers himself killing Grimnir.  Ibis says story are truer than truth.  Sweeney gives Ibis 20 dollars and says that he won’t need it.  Ibis asks if he is not thinking about tomorrow and Sweeney says that’s none of Ibis’ business.

Laura hitches a ride to Cairo and heads towards Ibis’.  Wednesday is in the room with the tree speaking to Salim, Ibis, Jinn, Bilquis and Shadow.  Sweeney enters and says someone forgot to invite him.  He says that he doesn’t owe Wednesday anymore and reminds Shadow not to get in the way and goes for Gungnir.  Shadow holds Gungnir and everyone else leaves the room.  Shadow tells Sweeney to back down and the two fight as Wednesday eats his meal.  Sweeney says can you feel the poison, Wednesday has been lying to him from the start.  He tells Shadow that he killed Laura on Wednesday’s orders and tells Shadow to leave.  Shadow is conflicted but doesn’t leave and Sweeney tells him that he slept with Laura.  Shadow becomes enraged and turns to Wednesday and Sweeney tries to throw the spear at Wednesday and Shadow turns it and stabs Sweeney.  Sweeney, dying, grabs it and sends it to the hoard, sticking it to Wednesday as he dies saying he used to be a King.

Sweeney’s farewell episode was filled with rich symbolism that I am sure will take a few rewatches to grasp it all; however, it was another nicely done episode by the showrunners.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 2 Episode 1.

American Gods Season 2 Episode 6 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 2 Episode 6 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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Wednesday opens this episode as a burlesque show master at the Regis Theater in maybe the 1930s.  He introduces Donar the Great aka God of the Hammers aka Thor and Miss Columbia, it’s not clear who she is a representation of at this point.  Shadow wakes Wednesday and it appears the cabaret scene was apart of his dream.  The two are at a strip mall in search of the dwarf who will fix the Gungnir spear.

Mr. World is with his companion and the two are discussing strategy over a war table.  Mr. World requests New Media to up her game.    New Media gives some orders to her screen in Japanese and emojis are flying everywhere.

Anansi is in the Regis Theater barking commands to the performers.  He knocks on the door and tells his queen that he should get 20% of her worshippers.  It isn’t clear who’s door he’s knocking on but in the next scene we see Donar and Columbia, who are a couple, and she is encouraging him to go to California.  He says they have a contract with Grimnir aka Wednesday aka Odin.

Grimnir approaches Tech Boy (not clear who he is in this time), who is not impressed with Grimnir’s show or theater.  Grimnir tells him we are the ancient ones.  Tech Boy gets a phone call while at the Regis, Grimnir asks him what happens when the telephone is obsolete, he will need some real power on his side.  I suppose he is still Tech Boy but in an older manifestation.  Donar the Great is on stage exhibiting super human strength.  A soldier with a swastika patch on his arm tells Grimnir that he wanted to speak with him about his strong man.

Back in the strip mall, Wednesday is speaking to dwarfs who have a kiosk.  He looks odd when Wednesday introduces Shadow.  He tells Wednesday that he needs a Lou Reed leather jacket as payment to fix the Gungnir Spear.  Shadow says let’s just buy the jacket but Wednesday has other plans. 

Back at the Regis, the boy from Friends of New Germany says that his organization wants to sponsor him for a weight lifting competition.  He asks his last name and Grimnir answers Odinson.  Columbia seems concerned that the Friends of Germany are Nazis but Grimnir explains it away.  Miss Columbia takes to the stage and performs “Don’t fence me in’ and Tech Boy gives her a standing ovation.

Back in the strip mall, Wednesday is dressed as a Bishop and is selling a story about being a Lou Reed superfan.  As he is paying $7500 cash, Shadow appears in the store portraying an FYI agent placing Wednesday under arrest for counterfeiting.  Shadow says how much better he is getting at counterfeiting.  Shadow convinces the store owner that they must keep the jacket and the cash for evidence.  Wednesday is excited at the con job he and Shadow pull off.  Shadow leaves him in handcuffs until he answers questions about his son since Wednesday said that Shadow reminded him of his son.  Shadow wants to know how Thor died and Wednesday says there are certain deaths that our kind can’t come back from.  When Shadow asks what kind of deaths, Wednesday says the interrogation is over and appears saddened at the thought.

We see news headlines about the rise of Mr. Odinson then the man from Friends of Germany asks him to consider a proposal that angers him.  Anansi is lurking in the background and tells Donar that it helps to breath to calm down.  Donar explains they want him to throw the competition.  Anansi tells a story about a little boy god that was born in a world where female gods ruled, the little boy god went through time to a place where men ruled and made a pact with man, stole fire and gave it to man and was worshiped then man destroyed his homeland, the story is Anansi’s own.  He tells Donar that he should not give away his worship.

Wednesday returns to the dwarfs with the jacket.  Shadow is shocked as the dwarf says a spell and runes appear on the spear and it glows.  He says that she is ready to be healed.  Wednesday kisses Gungnir and says with you I won’t fail.  Meanwhile, Mr. World says that things are happening ahead of schedule.  When New Media asks how much ahead of schedule, he says that his friends in the valley assure him that they would be prepared for the coming storm.

Donar and Columbia plan of running of to California after the show and the crows are listening at the window.  Later as Columbia is packing Grimnir knocks on the door and comes in with old Tech Boy who is apparently a big fan.  He has a silver cowboy hat and Columbia says she’d been looking for it everywhere.  He presents himself as her future and Grimnir endorses it.  He says that America needs a new Goddess as it is on the brink of war and that she was doing great until Madam Libertae stole her thunder, referring to the statue of Liberty – Roman Goddess Libertas.  He wants to turn her into the lady of the war effort.  Columbia says she needs time to think about it and she needs to speak with Donar.  Grimnir breaks it to her that Donar left with the Germans and encourages her to manifest her own destiny.  He then goes outside and sees Donar.  Donar tells him his plans to go to California.  Grimnir then tells him that Columbia has other plans.  Donar says that Grimnir used his charms on her and refuses to do as Grimnir asks.  He defies Grimnir and tells him that the people come to see him, Donar the Great.  Grimnir strikes the ground with the Gungnir and the realm seems transformed.  Thor strikes it with his hammer and we see how the Gungnir was broken.  With Grimnir on his knees, Donar walks away from his father.

Wednesday and Shadow are driving and Shadow apologies for asking questions.  Wednesday says, it wasn’t you it was ghosts from the past.  Sacrifice is the only noble act, he regrets nothing.  We see a flashback of Donar being shot in the chest and “somewhere in America” is written in blood on the walls.  Shadow takes that to mean that Suicide is the only deaths that Gods can’t come back from, but the audience sees that Donar is murdered.  The episode ends with Wednesday singing a sad song on the edge of the theater stage.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 8.

American Gods Season 1 Episode 7 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 1 Episode 7 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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This episode opens in a funeral home and Anubis is playing music on an old record player as he prepares a body while Ibis gets them a beer. Anubis mentions they have more bodies coming in, that have not yet died, and Ibis asks if he needs help and encourages Ibis to tell the story he is holding on to. Ibis looks at a map of New England, gets his book and prepares to write.

1721 – Ibis writes about the myth that pilgrims came to America seeking the new world and opportunity when in fact they were most likely sent as terms of a prison sentence or in lieu of death by hanging. They arrived as indentured servants. We see Mad Sweeney, in a former life, as he comes up to a house and says Essie McGowan. We then go further back in time to when Essie was a little girl on a hill overlooking the sea in the countryside of Ireland awaiting her father’s ship to return. Her grandmother tells her tales of history or mythology of leprechauns and fairies. She teaches her that they leave leprechauns gifts for their blessings.

Essie grew into a woman who also told these stories to children. Essie appears to be Laura in a former life. She kept belief and still made offerings to leprechauns. She left an offering of hair, bread and gold to ask a favor of the leprechauns. She also left milk in the window every night. She worked in the kitchen of a wealthy family and was having a romantic relationship with the son. She told him that he would forget her when he went of to Oxford and met a society lady. He gave her a token of his affection and promised to marry her when he returned at Christmas. When asked about it by his mother, he lied and said that Essie had stolen it.

She was sentenced to 7 years transportation, also known as indentured servitude in the Americas. Still holding on to her beliefs, she continued leaving her offerings. As luck would have it, she began a relationship with the ships captain and returned to London with him and they married. Within a few weeks he was off to see again. No sooner than he was out the door did Essie leave the home and took to the streets. Dion’s “Runaround Sue” is playing in the background as Essie takes to the street, which leaves nothing to the imagination suggesting what she would be up to in his absence.

In the next scene we catch up with Laura, Mad Sweeney and Salim. They’ve stopped again for Salim to pray and Sweeney is becoming more irritated and impatient. He sees one of Wednesday’s crows and updates him on his plans. Laura releases Salim as though he were also a Jinn. He takes the cab and is off to find the Jinn at House on a Rock. Sweeney is pretty upset that she let him go. The pair steal an ice-cream truck for the rest of their journey.

The next scene returns to Essie’s escapades and with men and buying cats. Eventually she begins to forget her offerings to the leprechauns as Ibis puts it ‘the more abundant the blessings the more we forget to pray’. Essie is caught stealing and is again imprisoned to face the gallows. Her neighbor cellmate is Sweeney in a previous life. They speak about the Americas and he advises her to bribe her way out of hanging for another opportunity to go to the Americas.

The next morning, her cellmate is gone, the warden brings her food and she takes him up on an offer to escape the gallows by sleeping with him. When it was time for her trial she was pregnant and she was not hung but allowed to go to the Americas. She is placed on a plantation in Virginia. The owner needed a wet nurse. She cared for his baby and her own, all the while telling them tales of Leprechauns in a new land.

Sweeney is freezing in the ice-cream truck as Laura has the ac on max and the freezers in the back open and going. As the two gets closer to their destination they pass a bunny on the side of the road. Sweeney throws three gold coins out the window. Laura asks him how much gold he has and he responds how much is in a Hoard. He says he was a king, then a bird, then saints and fairies, then General Mills turned them into cereal.

We get a flashback to Sweeney’s past life on a battle field covered in fire. He says he knew he would die that day if he stayed so he pulled up his boots and dropped his sword and flew, now he owes a battle. Seems like the upcoming war has happened before and Sweeney is destined to keep fighting it. Another bunny crosses in front of the ice-cream truck and as Laura tries to avoid hitting it, the truck flips and they are thrown. The coin is tossed from Laura’s mangled body.

Essie is telling the children tales of the night of Samhain and wearing disguises to blending in with the spirits. That night she and the plantation owner fell in love. The two lived together for ten years before he died. Essie continued on as the farm owner, the widow Richardson. As she grew older, she told the stories to her grandchildren, who respond in fear and crying. She realizes that there was no place for her tales in Virginia and she stopped telling them. One night as she sat on her porch remembering her youth, she saw a man, Sweeney, approach and call her name.

Sweeney survives the wreck and sees his coin then realizes that Laura is dead and without the coin would remain so. He has a flashback of the night Laura dies. A crow watches him and the tells the crow to tell him its done. Wednesday had him run Laura off the road on the night she died. He speaks an ancient language and is angry, probably a curse as he places the coin back into her body reviving her. She immediately awakens and punches him in the face. She flips the truck back over and hurries Sweeney back in to continue their journey.

Sweeney approaches Essie and she recognizes him who he is. She says you have done me many a good turn and he responds, like the wind we blow both ways. He asks for her hand and she willingly goes with him.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 8.