American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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The episode opens with spiders crawling over thread and fabric and Anansi sewing and immediately wants to tell a story in his dramatic way.  There is church music playing in the background as he tells the story about a goddess.  We flashback to the Temple of Bar’an and there are several men and women worshiping the Queen of Sheba, Bilquis.  Everyone is naked and dancing and in a trance like state.  Kings were jealous of her rule.  She devoured the Crown, king who tried to seduce/challenge her, then devoured all the followers.  There is a time lapse and we see Bilquis in the 1970’s in a disco meet and seduce a woman on the dance floor.  Anansi says the Kings kept coming after her, in this time period, they came in the form of an angry terrorist group with guns breaking up the party.  Times were changing and Bilquis was changing with it, devouring one follower at a time, adapting to the changes.  Bilquis arrives in Hollywood.  There appears to be another time lapse to the 1980’s and Bilquis is visiting the woman from the disco in the hospital and she is HIV positive.  Fast forward to 2013 and Bilquis is on the streets, homeless and destitute, peering into an Ethiopian restaurant watching the TV as her statues being demolished in Yemen.  As Bilquis lays on the cold ground, there is a light and she is approached by Technical Boy, who heard they blew up her altar, and offers her a cell phone with a Tinder type of app called Sheba.  She would use this to meet new “followers”.  This is a great tie in to episode 1 when she first met and devoured a follower.  Moral of the story, Anansi wants Wednesday to find himself a queen because the New Gods have one.

Shadow is angry with Wednesday because he is still confused about the entire situation.  He wants more answers.  Wednesday tells him he is not angry yet, but he needs to start getting angry.  Shadow is having a dream climbing skulls and at the top there is a large tree and we see the buffalo with the fiery eyes again.  Shadow wakes up in the car and they are in Kentucky as they drive there are bunnies chasing the car.  Shadow and Wednesday are dressed in suits Anansi made.  Mr. Wednesday drove over a line of bunnies as they pull into a driveway of a home and says they are in the presence of a queen. 

Inside there are stained glass windows, bunnies, big hats, eggs and pastel everywhere as Shadow says I forgot it was Easter.  Wednesday corrects him and says it is the beginning of spring and all due to Ostara.  Shadow is approached by Jesus and says do I know you, I really need for Shadow to catch on by now.  There are Jesuses everywhere, Wednesday explains for every culture and denomination there is a different face of Jesus.  Shadow is smitten with Ostara and her southern pleasantries.  Wednesday points out that Jesus stole the day from her by being crucified.  Ostara says she is not a fool and that people are not worshiping her on Easter, but she is kept alive from it.  Wednesday pulls out his sword and explains that he needs her to join his war with the new gods and promises that people will pray to her and not Jesus.  Shadow compliments Ostara and Wednesday says he needs a word alone with Ostara.

Bilquis is in a museum staring at the ancient art exhibits and Tech boy appears behind her and says she’s been ignoring him.  She tries to seduce him, and he redirects her while puffing his vape pen.  He says that she owes and he’s calling it in.  Time to do some work for the new gods while she was appreciating how ancient of a god she truly is.

Back at Ostara’s, Sweeney and Laura arrive.  Shadow has a conversation with one of the Jesuses as he sat on water.  Shadow asks if he always believed and Jesus says that he is belief.  Shadow feels the need to confess his thoughts and fears to Jesus in a vulnerable way that we have not seen.  Jesus advises him to walk his road.  Wednesday continues to try to convince Ostara by reminder her that she is a queen and is owed worship.  A bunny gives her the message that Laura and Sweeney have arrived and she puts Wednesday on hold to go check it out.  Laura’s skin is pale, the color in her eyes fading and she looks horrible.  Sweeney asks Ostara to resurrect Laura as a favor to him.  Ostara asks Laura her name and makes the connection with Shadow Moon, Sweeney asks her to keep their presence quiet.  Ostara asks Laura how she feels, and Laura asks if Ostara resurrected Jesus.  Ostara clarifies that Jesus came back on her day, but she doesn’t resurrect but she has the power to grant life and with it being the height of spring it is a good time.  She looks into Laura’s eyes and sees Laura’s death and looks at Sweeney immediately asking if he is still working for the man.  Ostara says she can’t help because she was killed by a God and she can’t interfere with that death.  She leaves after getting another message from a bunny.  Laura asks Sweeney which god killed her.

Ostara goes outside, and Media is waiting for her with a faceless man.  Media reminds Ostara that they built the commercialized version of Easter together, with bunnies, duckies and eggs etc.  They go off to talk and we see Laura and Sweeney arguing as Laura physically gets the story out of Sweeney.  Sweeney admits that the robbery, Shadow going to jail, and her death was all due to Wednesday.  Sweeney says that’s just what Gods do, mess with their lives.  Back with Media and Ostara, Media threatens Ostara with non-existence if she does not join the New Gods.  Wednesday comes in and makes his play for the Old Gods.  Tech Boy says things are never going back to the way things were.  Wednesday says people pray to Gods for things to happen and Gods make them happen.  Mr. World appears and says there will not be a war and urges Mr. Wednesday not to fight it.  The weather begins to change, and Mr. Wednesday says that he dedicates these deaths to Ostara, lightening immediately strikes all of Media’s faceless men.  Wednesday asks Shadow if he has faith and Shadow says who are you?  Wednesday names every single name he goes by as the clouds swirl around him and ends with he is Odin and tells Ostara to show them who she is.  The weather changes and there are flowers, sun and immediately all the plant life is removed, taken back into the earth as she raises her hands and displays her abilities.  Mr. World says you want a war, you have a war.   Mr. Wednesday says tell the non-believers we’ve taken the spring, they can have it back when they pay for it.  Shadow says that he believes everything now.  Laura, looking like death itself, says she would like to have a word with her husband.  The episode ends with Bilquis is on a bus arriving to Wisconsin the house on the rock.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 8.

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