Snow – Game of Thrones Sequel

In June, The Hollywood Reporter announced that among other spin-off shows in the Thrones Universe, there would be a Jon Snow Sequel that picks up after the timeline of Game of Thrones. Later George R.R. Martin confirmed the story was true and added that Kit Harington pitched the idea and team to work on the sequel, going by the working title “Snow”. There was also some confirmation by Emilia Clarke, she did not confirm her return but in a later interview hinted the possibility by saying “never say never”. There has been no news releases from HBO on the status of Snow.

There has been several fan sites on Facebook posting that HBO has confirmed and giving release dates but I could not find confirmation. I do think they had been working on it for a while before THR broke the story. I think it’ll be out 2023 or 24. Maybe they’ll release more info at the December GOT Con since Kit Harington signed on for that around the same time THR broke the story about the sequel.

But like Talking Thrones (click for video) says in their recent video, there aren’t any updates from HBO, GRRM, or THR (other news outlets) to confirm a date, filming or any other news other than the initial THR story and the confirmation from GRRM on Not A Blog.

Stay Tuned as will I for official news on the status of Snow and other proposed successor shows like The Sea Snake, 10,000 Ships, A Tale of Dunk and Egg , the animated series The Golden Empire and an untitled series set in Fleabottom. In the meantime, enjoy The House of the Dragon.

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