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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here.  I have already posted my 2nd look at the Lannister’s, link here if you missed it.  Here’s another look at the Greyjoy’s.

Yara – While Yara is an extremely cool character, I don’t think of her as a major one, hence me killing her off in my prediction list.  On 2nd thought if a Greyjoy carries on, I can see that character being Yara.  She has gone home to claim the Iron Islands in the name of Dany, according to Theon, so she should be safe in episode 3 at least, maybe.  Perhaps she will reclaim her home while Euron is laid up with Cersei.  With there still being 3 episodes remaining after the big battle there is still a chance to have a grim turn in Yara’s fate.  So on 3rd thought she may not make it in the end.

Theon – My favorite Greyjoy who in my opinion is played by the best actor on the show, Alfie Allen, is one of the hardest to fate.  Theon has decided to protect Bran in the Gods Wood as an epic display of redemption for all his awful deeds in betraying the Starks.  Does this mean sure death for Theon?  Maybe or maybe not.  Perhaps he does keep Bran safe and in so doing save the day.  Or perhaps, like Ramsey said, this does not have a happy ending for Theon.  I’m no profit so I have no clue but I’d love to see Theon as the last remaining Greyjoy who already has a bastard somewhere that can carry on the Greyjoy name.

Euron – Like Cersei, Euron can die.  He has offered some comic relief but overall he is one of the most useless characters thus far on the show.  Euron can move up on my list of characters if he betrays Cersei in epic fashion.  He told Yara that he would betray Cersei if need be, so I’m hopeful for him to step up his villainy with some traitor moves in the end.  I would like to see a Golden Company switch.  Cersei’s last hope joining the northern alliance would be great.  It seems a bit difficult to accomplish without ending Cersei’s chances at being any threat following the episode 3 battle.  Seems as though if the GC left in episode 3 or 4, it would leave the final 2 episodes with only wrap up and light on conflict.  Therefore if there is a betrayal involving Enron and Cersei, I’d like to see it in episode 5.  None of this means Euron survives, if there is a betrayal leading to Cersei’s end, Euron dies as a result or soon after.  Perhaps at Jamie’s golden hand.

I’ll be back with a second look at some of the other Westerosi citizens.

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